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497 Follow God’s Words to Cast Off Dark Influences

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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497 Follow God’s Words to Cast Off Dark Influences

1 To escape from the influence of darkness, you must first be loyal to God and have the eagerness to pursue the truth—only then will you have a correct state. Living in the correct state is the precondition for escaping from the influence of darkness. Not having the correct state means that you are not loyal to God and that you do not have the eagerness to seek the truth. Then, escaping from the influence of darkness is out of the question. Man’s escape from the influence of darkness is based on God’s words, and if man cannot practice in accordance with God’s words, they will not escape from the bondage of the influence of darkness.

2 To live in the correct state is to live under the guidance of God’s words, to live in the state of being loyal to God, to live in the state of seeking the truth, to live in the reality of sincerely expending for God, to live in the state of genuinely loving God. Those who live in these states and within this reality will gradually transform as they enter more deeply into the truth, and they will transform with the deepening of the work, until eventually they will certainly be gained by God, and they will come to genuinely love God.

3 Those who have escaped from the influence of darkness will be able to gradually grasp God’s will, gradually understand God’s will, and eventually become confidants of God. Not only will they have no notions of God and no rebellion against Him, but they will come to detest even more the notions and rebellion that they had before, engendering genuine love for God in their hearts. To live within God’s words, to discover that which man should seek from within His words, to love God as a result of His words, to run around for the sake of God’s words, to live for God’s words—these are all things that man should achieve.

Adapted from “Escape From the Influence of Darkness

and You Will Be Gained by God”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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