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953 The Criteria for Man’s Obedience to God

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953 The Criteria for Man’s Obedience to God

1 In measuring whether or not people can obey God, the key thing to look at is whether they desire anything extravagant from God, and whether or not they have other sorts of intentions. If people are always making demands of God, it proves that they have not obeyed Him. Whatever happens to you, if you cannot receive it from God, cannot seek the truth, are always speaking from your own subjective reasoning and always feeling that only you are right, and are even still capable of doubting God, then you will be in trouble. Such people are the most arrogant and disobedient to God. People who always make demands of God can never actually obey Him. If you make demands of God, this proves that you are making a deal with God, that you are choosing your own thoughts, and acting according to your own thoughts. In this, you betray God, and are without obedience. There’s no sense in making demands of God; if you truly believe that He is God, then you will not dare to make demands of Him, nor will you be qualified to make demands of Him, whether they be reasonable or not. If you have true belief in God, and believe that He is God, then you will have no choice but to worship and obey Him.

2 People today not only have a choice, but even demand that God act in accordance with their own thoughts, and they do not require themselves to act according to God’s intention. Thus, there is no true belief in God within them, nor the substance that is contained within this belief. When you are able to make less demands of God, your true belief and your obedience will increase, and your sense will also become comparatively normal. If you are truly able to obey, then you will follow Him with one heart and mind regardless of whether He uses you or not, and will be able to expend for Him regardless of whether or not you have any status. Only then will you possess sense, and be someone who obeys God.

Adapted from “People Make Too Many Demands of God”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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