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300 Be Dauntless on the Path of Loving God

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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300 Be Dauntless on the Path of Loving God

1 The bumpy path makes my love for God even purer. The judgment and refinement of God’s words are my constant companions. God’s righteousness burns me like a raging fire. Through painful refinement I finally come to know myself, and to see that Satan has corrupted me beyond any semblance of a man. God’s judgment and chastisement purify my corrupt disposition. Through suffering, I benefit greatly and learn to obey.

2 Knowing God’s loveliness makes me even more attached to Him. My wish is to bear a good testimony for God. I have seen that chastisement and judgment are the blessings of God. One must suffer many trials to gain the truth and be perfected by God. The sluggard and the cowardly cannot bear witness for God. I wish to suffer even more to be fit for God’s use. By undergoing persecution and adversity, my heart that loves God becomes more resolute.

3 Christ of the last days brings the way of eternal life. God’s judgment and chastisement are true love. By undergoing judgment, I finally know God’s righteousness and holiness. Reverence and obedience for God grow in my heart, and I have experienced His love. More severe judgment and refinement benefit me even more. Having suffered great pain, I gain the truth and live like a real human. I offer up my whole being to repay God’s love and I will be faithful to Him.

Be of one mind with God and expend all for God. Love God sincerely and follow His will. Strive ever to meet God’s requirements of man. With my absolute faith, I march toward the true human life, and success beckons me ahead.

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