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654 To Love God, You Must Experience His Loveliness

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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654 To Love God, You Must Experience His Loveliness

1 If people believe in God, and experience God’s words, with a heart that reveres God, then in such people there can be seen God’s salvation, and God’s love. These people are able to testify to God, they live out the truth, and what they testify to is also the truth, what God is, and God’s disposition, and they live amid God’s love and have seen God’s love. If people wish to love God, they must taste God’s loveliness, and see God’s loveliness; only then can there be roused in them a heart that loves God, a heart that is willing to loyally expend for God.

2 God does not make people love Him through words and expressions, or their imagination, and He does not force people to love Him. Instead, He makes them love Him of their own volition, and He makes them see His loveliness in His work and utterances, after which there is borne in them the love of God. Only in this way can people truly bear testimony to God. People do not love God because they have been urged to do so by others, nor is it a momentary emotional impulse. They love God because they have seen His loveliness, they have seen that there is so much of Him that is worthy of people’s love, because they have seen God’s salvation, wisdom, and wondrous deeds—and as a result, they truly praise God, and truly yearn for Him, and there is roused in them such a passion that they could not survive without gaining God.

Adapted from “Those Who Love God Will Forever Live Within His Light”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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