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995 The Features of Dispositional Change

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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995 The Features of Dispositional Change

1 Changes in disposition have a characteristic. That is, being able to accept the truth and to submit to what is right and in line with the truth. No matter who gives you suggestions—whether they are young or old and whether you get along well—as long as they say something that is correct and in line with the truth, and beneficial to the work of God’s family, then you can adopt it and accept it, and not be impacted by any other factors. This is the first characteristic. Another characteristic is being able to seek the truth whenever you encounter a problem. If you encounter a new problem that no one can fathom, you can seek the truth, see what you should do to make the matter in line with the principles of the truth, and meet God’s requirements.

2 Yet another characteristic is gaining the ability to be considerate of God’s will. No matter what requirements God has of you in your duty, you are able to carry it out according to what God requires, act in an effort to satisfy God, and act with responsibility and faithfulness. All of these are ways to be considerate of God’s will. If you do not know how to be considerate of God’s will in the thing you are doing, you must do some seeking in order to accomplish that and to satisfy Him. If you can put these three principles into practice, measure the way you actually are living by them, and find a path of practice, then you will be handling affairs in a principled manner. Whatever you encounter and whatever problems you have to deal with, if you can find the principles of practice, then you will naturally be able to practice the truth.

Adapted from “Only by Putting the Truth Into Practice

Can You Cast off the Binds of a Corrupt Disposition”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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