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93 Going Home

1 I used to think naively that the world had all my dreams, and that I could win a brilliant life through hard work and struggle. Only after many failures do I know how absurd my ideas were. The world long ago became a cauldron overflowing with evil. Scheming against others, I lost my original purity and goodness. Seeking fame and fortune, I lived like an animal. The mercilessness and apathy of the world pounded on my heart. People fight and kill one another, full of lies and violence. There is simply no way to survive without resorting to underhanded means and having a powerful backer. Even belief in God and walking the right path will incur discrimination and imprisonment. I see even more clearly that this world is filled with darkness and evil. My heart is pained and filled with hurt and misery, and I’m helpless. So lonely, I search hard but cannot find my direction. Where is the beautiful home that my heart longs for?

2 A familiar voice keeps calling me. God’s kind words warm my heart. I see it is the Son of man who speaks and knocks on my door. Returning before God, I see that the church is the new heaven and new earth. People here are pure and good and they treat others with sincerity. Here is filled with fairness and righteousness, and God’s words and the truth hold sway. God’s words are the truth and they uncover life’s mysteries. They bring my heart back to life and I understand the meaning of life. Understanding the truth enables me to tell right from wrong, good from evil. No longer will I seek fame and fortune, and I struggle to free myself from the net Satan has woven. God blesses me for being an honest person and my heart is peaceful and at ease. Fearing God and shunning evil, I walk the right path of life. Seeing God is so lovable, my heart yearns for and looks to God. I live in the light, obeying God and loving God forever.

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