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524 Has God’s Word Truly Become Your Life?

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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524 Has God’s Word Truly Become Your Life?

1 People often speak of letting God be their life, but they have yet to experience to that point. You are merely saying that God is your life, that He guides you every day, that you eat and drink His words each day, and you pray to Him each day, and so He has become your life. The knowledge of those who say this is so superficial. In many people there is no foundation; God’s words have been planted within them, but they have yet to sprout, much less have they borne any fruit. One day, when you have experienced to a certain point, if God were to make you leave, you wouldn’t be able to. You will always feel that you can’t be without God inside you.

2 Being without God will be like losing your life, you won’t be able to live without God. When you have experienced to this point, you will have hit the mark in your faith in God, and in this way God will have become your life, He will have become the foundation of your existence, and you will never again be able to leave God. When you have experienced to this extent, you will have truly enjoyed God’s love, your relationship with God will be so close, God will be your life, your love. This is people’s true stature; it is the real life.

3 You must experience such that God is your life, such that if God were taken away from your heart it would be like losing your life; God must be your life, and you must be incapable of leaving Him. In this way, you will have actually experienced God, and at this time, when you love God again, you will truly love God, and it will be a singular, pure love. One day when your experiences are such that your life has reached a certain point, you will pray to God, eat and drink the words of God, and will be unable to leave God inside, and even if you wanted to, you would not be able to forget Him.

4 God will have become your life; you can forget the world, you can forget your wife, husband, or children, but you’ll have trouble forgetting God—that is impossible, this is your true life, and your true love for God. When people’s love of God has reached a certain point, nothing they love is equal to their love of God, He is their number one love, and in this way they are able to give up everything else, and are willing to accept all dealing and pruning from God. When you have achieved a love of God that surpasses all else, you will live in reality, and in God’s love.

Adapted from “Those Who Love God Will Forever Live Within His Light”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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