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546 How You Should Perform Your Duty

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546 How You Should Perform Your Duty

1 Many who have lost the trust of God go on to lose the grace of God. They not only do not despise their misdeeds but brazenly propagate the idea that the way of God is incorrect. And those rebellious even deny the existence of God. A man who does not do his duty before God is already guilty of the most heinous of crimes, for which even death is an insufficient punishment, yet man has the gall to argue with God and match themselves against Him. What is the worth of making perfect such kind of man? If man fails to fulfill his duty, he ought to feel guilt and indebtedness; he ought to despise his weakness and uselessness, his rebelliousness and corruptness, and moreover, ought to sacrifice his life and blood for God. Only then is he a created being who truly loves God, and only such kind of man is worthy of enjoying the blessings and promise of God, and of being made perfect by Him.

2 And what of the majority of you? How do you treat the God who lives among you? How have you done your duty before Him? Have you done all you were called upon to do, even at the expense of your own life? What have you sacrificed? Have you not received much from Me? Can you make the distinction? How loyal are you to Me? How have you served Me? And what of all that I have bestowed upon you and I have done for you? Have you taken measure of it all? Have you all judged and compared this with what little conscience you have within you? Who could your words and actions be worthy of? Could it be that such minuscule sacrifice of yours is worthy of all I have bestowed upon you?

3 I have no other choice and have been wholeheartedly devoted to you, yet you harbor wicked misgivings about Me and are halfhearted. That is the extent of your duty, your only function. Is this not so? Don’t you know that you have not at all fulfilled the duty of a created being? How can you be considered a created being? Do you not clearly know what it is that you are expressing and living out? You have failed to fulfill your duty, but you seek to gain the mercy and bountiful grace of God. Such grace has not been prepared for ones as worthless and base as you, but for those who ask for nothing and gladly sacrifice.

Adapted from “The Difference Between

the Ministry of the Incarnate God and the Duty of Man”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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