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1. The Holy Kingdom Has Appeared

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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1. The Holy Kingdom Has Appeared


The just sun shines over all the lands, restores all living things.

God’s people gather with joy, to praise His great achievements.

All lands they dance, sing, cheer. All things with breath come to praise,

praise to the victory and the coming of God’s day.

The entire universe is new and cheering loud for God and for His holy day.


People made perfect, God’s image changed.

Divine horn echoes through the skies, resounds in all directions.

And God has renewed all things for His use and His joy!

God’s people, cleansed by His word, gathering before God’s throne.

No more a filthy place, a holy kingdom appears.

God has fully purified us, and His glory blazes.


God’s kingdom now formed, we’re made complete.

Truth from God’s mouth becomes man’s very life.

From God’s chastisement, we see His righteousness.

God’s people bow before God, praise God righteous and holy;

with a true heart they obey and do their duty.

Oh God! To You we stand as witnesses,

and praise to You will never ever fail.

Praise God, righteous and holy!

Oh God! To You we stand as witnesses,

and praise to You will never ever fail.

Oh …

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