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92 I’m So Happy to Gain God’s Love

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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92 I’m So Happy to Gain God’s Love

1 Christ of the last days appears on earth and brings the way of eternal life. Understanding truth in God’s word, I have direction in life. I could not rid myself of the bonds of evil when believing in the Lord. Now after experiencing the judgment of God’s words, I come to know myself. I submit to God’s trials and refinements, and my life disposition is changed. Purified by God’s judgment, I see His true love. Now I am living out a human likeness, finally gaining God’s salvation. Oh God, Your love is sincere and so beautiful. You have conquered my heart. I’ve fallen deeply in love with You.

2 My heart is light and my spirit is happy, God’s word encourages me. Reading God’s word, fellowshiping on truths, my heart rejoices. Understanding the truth and practicing God’s words, I have a path to follow in all things. I’ve completely escaped Satan’s influence, and my heart is set free. I’m so happy to gain God’s love, it’s so joyful to enjoy His love. God’s love fills my heart, I am the happiest person. I faithfully fulfill the duties of man, that God may soon be comforted. The truth sets me free, so I may live before God all my life. Those who love God are the happiest of people.

3 Almighty God! You gave me a joyous life. I escaped the corrupt, degenerate, and empty life of old. I’m so happy to gain the truth and live by God’s words. I love and revere God in my heart, and I always live in the light. Your salvation is so great, I can never say enough. Dear Almighty God! I will always love You. Your love has conquered my heart, I only wish to love You with sincerity. Your love always remains in my heart, and my entire heart belongs to You. I will forever love You and praise You.

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