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15. God’s Love Spreads All Over the World

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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15. God’s Love Spreads All Over the World


Almighty God, You are righteous, You are holy.

Your pure love is like snowflakes dancing in the air,

white, beautiful, fragrant, falling down on me, melting into my love at once.

Through Your honing my love for You becomes more pure.

Let You arrange my life’s path in person.

Whenever my heart obeys You and praises You, sweet happiness fills it.

Ah … to love you always is not enough.

Ah … loving You both day and night, I’ll never leave You.


Thinking of Your love for me, my heart is happy; I can never ever forget You.

The wind kisses green hills; the clouds kiss the sea; God’s people are together with God.

Mountain springs are rippling, clouds are drifting; all are redolent with love for God.

God predestined us before the ages; none can separate us from Him.

Ah … all around the throne we worship Him.

Ah … see! The whole land is filled with praises of God.


God’s love has been accompanying us, through the darkest years before the dawn comes.

The righteous God utterly defeats Satan, changing us into a new man.

The Millennial Kingdom’s come to earth, God is King. We can see God’s love everywhere…

Really, truly warming the hearts of the multitudes, unlimited joy fills my heart.

Ah … new people, songs, dances, new life.

Ah … our lives are so full of vigor. Our lives are so full of vigor.

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