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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 41

How does God work on man? Do you comprehend this? Is it clear? And how is it done in the church? What do you think? Have you ever considered these questions? What does He hope to accomplish through His work in the church? Is it all clear yet? If not, then all that you do is futile, null and void! Do these words touch your heart? Is all that is required to achieve God’s desire just proactive progress, and not being negative and retreating? Is blind cooperation enough? What should you do if there is still a cloud of ambiguity about the vision? Is it okay not to seek? God says, “I once took on a great undertaking among men, but they did not notice, and so I had to use My word to reveal it to them. And yet, man still could not understand My words, and remained ignorant of the objective of My plan.” What does this mean? Have you ever considered its purpose? Does God just act aimlessly and blindly? And if so, what’s the point? If the purpose is not clear, and if man doesn’t understand, then how can they truly cooperate? God says that people’s pursuits are in the boundless seas, within empty words and doctrines. You aren’t even able to say what category your pursuits fall under. What does God want to achieve in man? You should be clear on all of this. Is it only to shame the great red dragon in the negative aspect? Could it be that after shaming the great red dragon, God will just live as an empty-handed hermit? Then what is it God wants? Does He really want the hearts of men? Or their lives? Or their wealth and possessions? What use are these? They are no use to God. Has God done so much in man just so that He can use them as evidence of His victory over Satan, and demonstrate His power? Would this not make God seem petty? Is God really that kind of God? Just like a child pulling adults into a fray? Of what significance is this? Man has always examined God through his own notions. God once said, “A year has four seasons, and for each season there are three months.” Man listened, and remembered His words, and continued to say that there were three months to a season and four seasons to a year. And then, when God asked, “How many seasons are in a year? And how many months per season?” man replied in unison, “Four seasons, three months.” Man always tries to define God based on sets of rules. Nowadays in the era of “three seasons per year, four months per season,” man still is unaware, apparently blind, trying to assign rules to everything. And now man is trying to apply his rules to God! They are truly blind! Do they not see there is now no “winter,” only “spring, summer, and fall”? Man truly is foolish! In the current state, man is still unaware of how to know God. They are just like people in the 1920s, who think that the transportation is inconvenient, so they walk, or take a donkey, or who think they should use oil lamps, or other primitive ways of life. Are these not all notions from the minds of men? So why still talk of mercy and love today? What use is this? Like a rambling old woman, recounting her past, what use are these words? After all, the present is the present; can the clock be turned back 20 or 30 years? People always follow the tide; why is it so difficult for them to take that in? In this current era of chastisement, what use are these talks of mercy and love? As if all there was to God was mercy and love? Why is it in this era of “flour and rice,” people always serve “millet husks and wild vegetables”?[a] God is unwilling, but man forcibly suppresses Him. If He were to resist, He would be labeled a “counter-revolutionary,” and though it was said over and over that God was inherently not merciful or loving, who would listen? Man is too absurd. It seems the word of God has no effect. Men always view My words in a different light. God is always bullied by people, and it seems that innocent people are faced with a groundless accusation; who will act in accord with God? You are always willing to live in God’s mercy and love, so what can be done? God must suffer the insults of man; however, I hope you can figure out how the Holy Spirit works before arguing with God. Still, I urge you to comprehend the original meaning of God’s word. Do not think yourself clever, and think the word of God contains impurity. This is unnecessary! Who can tell how much “impurity” there is in the word of God? Unless God says it directly, or indicates it clearly. Do not think so highly of yourself. If you are able to see the path to practice from His words, then you meet the requirements. What else do you want to see? God said “I no longer have any mercy for the feebleness of man.” Even these distinct, simple words cannot be interpreted, so what is the point in researching, and investigating further? Without even the basic mechanical knowledge, how could man be qualified to build a rocket? Isn’t that just someone who likes to boast? Man is not qualified to do the work of God; it is only that God exalts them. Not knowing what He loves, what He hates, and just serving Him. Isn’t this a recipe for disaster? Men do not understand themselves, but think they are extraordinary. Who do they think they are! They are truly blind to the difference between good and evil. Think back to the past, and look ahead to the future. What do you think? Then get to know yourself.

God has revealed a great deal about man’s intent and purpose. God said, “It was at this time that I saw man’s intent and purpose. I sighed from the mist: Why must man always act for his own interests? Are My chastisements not meant to make them perfect? Am I trying to discourage them?” What do you learn about yourself from these words? Has man’s intent and purpose really gone? Have you ever checked? You might as well come before God and learn, what does His work of chastisement achieve in you? Have you summarized it? Perhaps next to nothing, or else you may have long ago indulged in exaggeration. What does God ask you to achieve? Of the words that have been spoken to you, how much have you put into practice? How much was said in vain? In the eyes of God, few of His words are actually implemented; this is because man can never decipher His original meaning, and they just accept whatever is echoed back. In this way can they know the mind of God? In the near future, God will have more work for man; can man accomplish that work with the little stature man has now? If not erroneous, man is absurd, or perhaps arrogant, like these are people’s nature. It is really incomprehensible: With all that God has said, why is it man doesn’t take it to heart? Could it be that God’s word is just a joke, not meant to have any effect? All for the sake of seeing man perform a drama of “Happiness, Anger, Sorrow, and Joy”? To make man happy for a moment, and cry in the next, afterward acting as he sees fit offstage? What effect would this have? “Why is it that My requirements of man always come to nothing? Is it as if I were asking a dog to climb a tree? Am I trying to create trouble out of nothing?” The words God speaks target man’s actual state. One might as well introspect, and see who is living in accordance with God’s word. “And still now, much of the terrain continues to change. If someday the earth really changes to another type, I will readily cast it aside—is that not the stage I am currently at in My work?” Indeed, God is now in the process of this work; however, when God mentions “readily cast it aside,” this refers to the future, as everything is a process. Can you see this is the trend in God’s current work? Due to the flaw of man’s intention, unclean spirits take the opportunity to manifest. At this time, “the earth changes to another type” and people at that time will change qualitatively, but their essence will remain the same. This is because there is something else on the earth of improvement. In other words, the original earth was inferior, and once it has improved it may be used. However, after it has been used for a certain period, and then is no longer used, it will gradually return to its original form. This is a summary of the next step in God’s work. God’s future work will be more complex, because it is time to classify various types of people. At the meeting place of the end, it will be a mess of confusion, and man will be without a definite view. Just as God said: “Men are all performers who go along with the group.” Just as men have the performance ability to go along with the group, God uses this flaw for the next step in His work, so that He can make all of man reverse this defect. Men are easily swayed because they do not have true stature. If they did have, they would be towering trees. God intends to use a portion of evil spirits’ work to perfect a portion of man, so that these people can completely see through demons’ deeds, and allow everyone to truly understand their ancestors. Only then can humans completely break free, not only forsaking the posterity of the demons, but even more so their ancestors. This is the original intent of God completely defeating the great red dragon, to make it so that all of man knows the great red dragon’s true form, completely tearing off its mask, and seeing its true form. This is what God wants to achieve, and it is His final goal on earth for which He has done so much work; He aims to accomplish this in all of man. This is known as the maneuver of all things for God’s purpose.

Are you clear on how the future work will be done? All of this must be understood. For example: Why is it God says men never attend to their duties? Why does He say that many people have failed to complete the homework He has left them? How can these things be achieved? Have you ever considered these questions? Have these become the topic of your communication? For this stage of work, man must understand God’s current intentions. Once that has been achieved, the others can be discussed, all right? What God hopes to achieve in man needs to be expressly explained, otherwise it is of no use. They will be unable to enter into it, and it will be even less likely that they can achieve it; it is all moot. Have you found a path for practice of what God has currently said? People view God’s word with a feeling of fear. They cannot comprehend it, and fear offending God. How many of the ways of eating and drinking that have now been pointed out have they found? Most do not know how to eat and drink; how can this be resolved? Did you find a way of doing so in today’s utterance? In what way did you try to cooperate? And once all of you have taken in the words, through what means do you discuss your impressions? Shouldn’t man do this? How should you prescribe the right medicine? Do you still need the direct voice of God? Is this required? How can these problems be eradicated completely? Simply see if you are actually able to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in deed. If there is suitable cooperation, the Holy Spirit will do great work. If there is no suitable cooperation but rather confusion, the Holy Spirit will not be in a position to help. “If you know your enemy and know yourself, you will always emerge victorious.” Regardless of who originally spoke these words, they are most suitable for you. In short, you must first know yourselves before you may know your enemies, and finally you will be able to win every battle. You all must be able to do this. No matter what God asks of you, you need only give it your all. Hopefully you are able to show your loyalty to God before Him in the end, and as long as you can see God’s gratified smile upon His throne, even if it is the time of your death, you should be able to laugh and smile as your eyes are closed. You must do your final duty for God during your time on earth. In the past, Peter was crucified upside down for God; however, you should satisfy God in the end, and exhaust all of your energy for God. What can a creature do for God? So you should give yourself to the mercy of God sooner rather than later. As long as God is happy and pleased, then let Him do whatever He wants. What right do men have to complain?


a. Millet husks and wild vegetables are foods eaten by impoverished people in the past.

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