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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 13

God hates all the descendants of the great red dragon, and He hates the great red dragon even more. This is the root of the wrath within God’s heart. It seems that God wants to cast all things that belong to the great red dragon into the lake of fire and brimstone to thoroughly incinerate them. There are times that it even seems that God wants to extend His hand to personally wipe it out—only that could erase the hatred in His heart. Every single person in the house of the great red dragon is a beast who is lacking in humanity, which is why God strongly suppressed His anger to say the following: “Among all My people, and among all My sons, that is, among the ones that I have chosen out of the whole human race, you belong to the lowest group. …” God has begun a decisive battle with the great red dragon in its own country, and when His plan comes to fruition He will destroy it, no longer allowing it to corrupt mankind or ravage their souls. Not a day goes by that God doesn’t call out to His people who are slumbering to save them, but they are all in a state of sluggishness as if they had taken sleeping pills. If He does not rouse them for even a moment they return to their state of sleep, with no awareness. It seems that all of His people are two-thirds paralyzed. They don’t know their own needs or their own deficiencies, or even what they should wear or what they should eat. It shows that the great red dragon has put forth a great deal of effort to corrupt people. Its ugliness extends throughout every region of China. It has even made people vexed and unwilling to stay any longer in this decadent, vulgar country. What God hates most is the essence of the great red dragon, which is why He reminds people in His wrath every single day, and people live under the eye of His wrath every day. Even so, the majority of people still don’t know to seek God, but they just sit there watching and wait to be hand-fed. Even if they were starving to death they wouldn’t be willing to go find their own food. People’s consciences were long ago corrupted by Satan and changed in essence to become cold-heartedness. No wonder God said: “Had I not prompted you, you would still not have awakened, but would have remained as if in a frozen state, and again, as if in a state of hibernation.” It’s as if people were like animals in hibernation who were passing the winter and did not ask to eat or drink; this is precisely the current condition of God’s people, which is why God only requires people to know God incarnate Himself in the light. He has no requirement of people to change a great deal or for them to have great growth in their life. That would be enough to defeat the dirty, filthy great red dragon, thus better manifesting God’s great power.

When people read God’s words all they can understand is the literal meaning but they are incapable of understanding their spiritual significance. The three words of “the roiling waves” have stumped every one of the heroes. When God’s wrath is displayed, aren’t His words, His actions, and His disposition the roiling waves? When God judges all mankind, is this not a revealing of His wrath? Is this not when those roiling waves take effect? Who is it that is not living in the midst of the roiling waves due to man’s corruption? That is, who does not live in the midst of God’s wrath? When God wants to mete out catastrophe upon mankind, isn’t what people see a “tumbling welter of dark clouds”? Among man, who is not fleeing from catastrophe? God’s wrath pours down on people like a heavy rain and blows them about like a fierce wind. People are all purified through God’s words as if they had been met with a swirling snowstorm. It is God’s words that are most inscrutable to mankind. It is through His words that He created the world and also through His words that He leads and purifies all mankind. And in the end, He will restore the purity of the entire universe through His words. It can be seen in every part of His words that the existence of the Spirit of God is not hollow. It is only in God’s words that people can see a bit of the way of survival. People can all treasure His words because they contain provision of life. The more man focuses on His words, the more issues He will present to man—this makes them completely at a loss and have no time to respond. God’s repeated questioning is enough to make people ponder things for a period of time, let alone the rest of His words. In God, all is full and abundant and there is nothing lacking. However, people are not capable of enjoying much of it; they only know the superficial side of His words as if all they could see was the chicken skin but they couldn’t eat the chicken meat. This shows that people’s blessings are too limited and they are actually incapable of enjoying God. In people’s notions they each hold a certain God within their hearts, which is why no one has any idea what a vague God is, or what the image of Satan is. So when God said “because what you believe in is merely Satan’s image and has nothing whatever to do with God Himself,” people were all dumbfounded that they had believed for so many years, but still hadn’t realized that what they believed in was Satan and not God Himself. They felt a sudden void but they didn’t know what to say. At that time they began to become confused again. Only by working this way can people better accept new light and thus deny the things of old. No matter how good they seem, they will not do. This is more beneficial for people to understand the practical God Himself and thus be able to rid themselves of the status that people’s notions hold in their hearts and allow God Himself to occupy people. Only this way can the significance of the incarnation be achieved and can people know the practical God Himself with their physical eyes.

God has told people about the conditions of the spiritual world many times: “When Satan comes before Me, I do not recoil from its wild ferocity, nor am I frightened by its hideousness: I simply ignore it.” What people have understood from this is only the situation in reality; they do not know the truth in the spiritual world. Because God has become flesh, Satan has employed all sorts of methods of accusation, wanting to attack God this way. However, God does not retreat because of this—He just speaks and works among mankind and allows people to know Him through His incarnate flesh. Satan is red-eyed with fury and has put forth a great deal of effort on God’s people to make them negative, retreat, and even lose their way. But because of the effect of God’s words Satan has failed, thus adding to its wantonness. This is why God has reminded everyone: “In your lives, there may come a day when you will meet with this kind of situation: Would you willingly allow yourselves to fall captive to Satan, or will you let Me obtain you?” Although people are not aware of the things that occur in the spiritual world, as soon as they hear these kinds of words from God they are cautious and afraid—this beats back Satan’s attacks, which is adequate to show God’s glory. Although they entered into a new method of working a long time ago, people still do not have clarity on life in the kingdom—even if they understand, they lack clarity. So after God issued a warning to people, He introduced the essence of life in the kingdom to them: “Life in the kingdom is the life of the people and God Himself.” Since God Himself is incarnated, a life of the third heaven has been achieved here on earth. This is not only God’s plan, but it is also accomplished by God. As time goes by people come to know God Himself more and more and thus are more able to taste life in heaven, because they have truly felt that God is on earth, that He is not a vague God in heaven. So, the life on earth is like that in heaven. The reality is that God becomes flesh and tastes the bitterness of the human world, and the more He is able to taste that bitterness in the flesh, the more it proves that He is the practical God Himself. This is why the following words are enough to prove the practicality of the God of today: “In My dwelling place, which is the place where I am hidden, nevertheless, in this My dwelling place, I have defeated all My enemies; in My dwelling place, I have gained real experience of living on earth; in My dwelling place, I am observing man’s every word and action, and watching over and dictating to the whole of the human race.” Actually living in the flesh, actually experiencing human life in the flesh, actually understanding all of humanity from within the flesh, actually conquering mankind in the flesh, actually waging the decisive battle with the great red dragon in the flesh, and doing all of God’s work in the flesh—isn’t this precisely the existence of the practical God Himself? However, it is very rare that people can see the knack in these ordinary words of God. They just pass through them quickly and do not feel the preciousness or rarity of God’s words.

God’s words transition very well—the phrase “As mankind lies comatose” transitions the description of God Himself into a description of the state of all mankind. Here, “blasts of cold radiance” does not represent the lightning of the East, but it is God’s words, that is, His new method of working. Thus, in this all sorts of dynamics of people can be seen: After entering into the new method, they all lose their sense of direction, knowing not whence they come nor whither they are going. “Most people are struck by the laser-like beams” refers to the people eliminated through the new method, those who cannot withstand the trials or bear the refinement of sufferings and thus are thrown into the bottomless pit once again. God’s word exposes mankind to a certain degree—it seems that people are afraid when they see God’s words, and they dare not say anything just as if they saw the barrel of a gun pointed directly at their heart. However, they also feel that there are good things in God’s words. Their hearts are very conflicted and they don’t know what they should do, but because of their faith, all they do is steel themselves and dig deeper into His words for fear that God will abandon them. Just as God said: “who among mankind does not exist in this state? Who does not exist within My light? Even if you are strong, or supposing you are weak, how can you avoid the coming of My light?” If God uses someone, even if they are weak, God will still illuminate and enlighten them in His chastisement, so the more people read God’s words, the more they understand Him, the more reverence they have for Him, and the less they dare to be reckless. That people have made it here today is entirely because of God’s great power. It is because of the authority of His words, that is, it is due to the Spirit in His words that people have fear of God. The more God reveals the true face of mankind, the more in awe of Him they are, thus the more certain they are of the reality of His existence. This is God’s beacon on the path for mankind to understand God; this is the trail God has given them to follow. If you think about it carefully, is this not so?

Isn’t the above-said the beacon on the path in front of mankind?

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