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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 27

Today, God’s words have reached their pinnacle, which is to say, the second part of the era of judgment has reached its peak. But it is not the highest peak. At this time, God’s tone has changed, it is neither mocking nor humorous, and does not strike or curse; God has alleviated the tone of His words. Now, God begins to “exchange sentiments” with man. God is both continuing the work of the era of judgment and opening up the path of the next section of work, so that all sections of His work are entwined with each other. On the one hand, He speaks of “man’s obduracy and recidivism,” and on the other, He says “In the joys and sorrows of being sundered from and then reunited with man”—both of which provoke a reaction in people’s hearts, and move even the most callous of them. God’s aim in saying these words is primarily to make all people fall down before God, without a whisper, at the very end, and only afterward “do I make My actions manifest, making everyone know Me through their own failure.” The people of this period’s knowledge of God remains entirely superficial, it is not true knowledge. Though they try as hard as they can, they are incapable of attaining God’s will; today, God’s words have reached their zenith, but people remain in the early stages, and are thus incapable of entering into the utterances of the here and now—which shows that God and man are as different as chalk and cheese. Based on this, when the words of God come to an end people will only be capable of attaining the lowest standards of God. This is the means by which God works in these people who have been utterly corrupted by the great red dragon, and God must work thus in order to achieve the optimal effect. The people of the churches pay a little more attention to God’s words, but God’s intention is that they might know God in His words—is there not a difference? However, as things stand, God is no longer mindful of man’s weakness, and carries on speaking regardless of whether people are able to accept His words or not. As is His intention, when His words end will be when His work on earth is completed. But this work is unlike the past. When God’s utterances come to an end, no one will know; when God’s work comes to an end, no one will know; and when God’s form changes, no one will know. Such is the wisdom of God. To avoid any accusations from Satan and any interference from hostile forces, God works without anyone knowing, and at this time there is no reaction among the people of earth. Though the signs of God’s transfiguration were once spoken of, no one is able to perceive it, for man has forgotten this matter, and he pays no attention to it. And because of the attacks from both inside and out—the disasters of the external world and the burning and cleansing of God’s words—people are no longer willing to toil for God, because they’re too busy with their own business. When all people deny the knowledge and pursuit of the past, when all people have seen themselves clearly, they will fail and their own self will no longer have a place in their hearts. Only then will people sincerely long for the words of God, only then will God’s words truly have a place in their hearts, and only then will these words have become the source of their existence—and at this moment, God’s will shall have been fulfilled. But the people of today are a long way off that. Some of them have barely moved an inch, and thus God says this is “recidivism.”

All of God’s words contain many questions. Why does God keep asking such questions? “Why can’t they repent and be born again? Why are people forever willing to live in the swamp instead of a place free of mud? …” In the past, God worked by means of directly pointing things out or direct exposure. But after people had suffered tremendous pain, God did not speak thus directly. On one hand, people see their own deficiencies in these questions, and on the other, they grasp the path to practice. Because people all like to enjoy the fruits of others’ labor, God speaks as befits their requirements, providing them with topics to ponder, so that they can ponder them. This is one aspect of the significance of God’s questions. Naturally, this is not the significance of some of His questions, for example: Could it be that I have mistreated them? Could it be that I have pointed them in the wrong direction? Could it be that I lead them to hell? Questions like these point out the conceptions in the depths of people’s hearts. Although their mouths don’t say it, there is doubt within most of their hearts, and they believe that God’s words portray them as good for nothing. Naturally, such people don’t know themselves, but ultimately, they will admit defeat by God’s words—this is inevitable. Following these questions, God also says “I will smash all the nations to smithereens, not to mention the family of man.” When people accept the name of God, all nations will shake as a result, people will gradually change their mentality, and in families the relationships between father and son, mother and daughter or husband and wife shall cease to exist. What’s more, the relationships between people in families will become ever more estranged; they will join the great family, and the regularity of the lives of almost all families shall be torn apart. And because of this, the concept of family in people’s hearts will become increasingly hazy.

Why, in God’s words of today, has so much been devoted to “exchanging sentiments” with people? Naturally, this is also in order to achieve a concrete effect: showing how God’s heart is filled with anxiety. God says, “when I am sad, who can comfort Me with their hearts?” God says these words because His heart is overcome with grief. Because people are incapable of giving every care to God’s will, and they are always dissolute, and can’t hold themselves in check—they do as they please; because they are too lowly, and they always forgive themselves, and are not mindful of God’s will. But because people have been corrupted by Satan right up until today, and are incapable of freeing themselves, God says: “How can they escape the jaws of the ravening wolf? How can they free themselves from its threats and its temptations?” People live in the flesh—in the mouth of the ravenous wolf. Because of this, and because people have no self-awareness and are always indulging themselves and giving in to debauchery, God cannot help but feel anxious. The more God reminds people thus, the better they feel in their hearts, and the more they become willing to engage with God. Only then will man and God get along, without any separation or distance between them. Today, all mankind awaits the arrival of God’s day, and so mankind has never moved forward. Yet God says: “When the Sun of righteousness appears, the East will be illuminated, and then it will in turn illuminate the whole universe, reaching everyone.” In other words, when God changes His form, the East will be illuminated first and the country of the East will be the first to be supplanted, after which the remaining countries shall be renewed from south to north. This is the order, and all will be in accordance with God’s words, and once this phase has finished all people shall see. It is according to this order that God works. When they behold this day, people will be overjoyed. It can be seen from God’s urgent intention that this day is not far off.

In the words of today, the second and third parts provoke tears of anguish in all those who love God. Their hearts are immediately shrouded in shadow, and from this time onward all people are filled with tremendous sorrow because of God’s heart—only after God finishes His work on earth, they will feel at ease. This is the general trend. “Anger rises within My heart, accompanied by a surging feeling of sorrow. When My eyes behold people’s deeds and their every word and action as filthy, My rage wells up, and in My heart there is a greater sense of the injustices of the human world, which makes Me more sorrowful; I long to end man’s flesh right away. I know not why man is incapable of cleansing himself in the flesh, why man cannot love himself in the flesh. Could it be that the ‘function’ of the flesh is so great?” In God’s words today, God has publicly disclosed all of the anxiety within His heart to man without holding anything back. When the angels of the third heaven play music for Him, God still feels attached to the people on earth, and it is because of this that He says “When the angels play music in praise of Me, this cannot but stir up My sympathy for man. On the instant, My heart is filled with sadness, and it is impossible to rid Myself of this painful emotion.” It is for this reason that God says the words: “I will correct the injustices of the human world. I will do My work with My own hands throughout the world, forbidding Satan from harming My people again, forbidding the enemies from doing whatever they please again. I will become King on earth and move My throne there, making all My enemies fall to the ground and confess their crimes before Me.” God’s sadness increases His hate toward devils, and thus He reveals their end to the masses in advance. This is the work of God. God has always wished to be reunited with all people and bring the old age to a close. All people throughout the universe are beginning to move—which is to say, all people beneath the cosmos are entering the guidance of God. As a result, their thoughts turn to revolting against their emperors. Before long, the people of the world will erupt into chaos and the heads of all countries will flee in every direction, ultimately being pushed onto the guillotine by their people. This is the final end of the kings of devils; ultimately, no one will be able to escape, all must pass through it. Today, those who are “clever” have begun to step back. Seeing that things aren’t looking good, they use this opportunity to back down and escape the hardship of catastrophe. But I say plainly, the work that God does during the last days is chiefly the chastisement of man, so how could these people be capable of escaping? Today is the first step. One day, all throughout the universe shall fall into the tumult of war, the people of earth will never again have leaders, the whole world will be like a pile of loose sand, governed by no one, and people will care only for their own lives, heedless of anyone else, for everything is controlled by God’s hand—which is why God says, “All humanity is breaking up the sundry nations of the world according to My will.” The “trumpets of the angels” of which God speaks now are a sign, they are ringing the alarm bell for man, and when the trumpets sound once again, the world’s last day will have arrived. At that time, God’s entire chastisement will befall earth in its entirety; this will be heartless judgment, and the official start of the times of chastisement. Among the Israelites, there will often be God’s voice to lead them through different environments, and so too will the angels appear to them. The Israelites will be made complete in just a few months, because they will not have to undergo the step of dispelling the great red dragon’s venom, it will be easy for them to enter onto the right track under various kinds of guidance. From the developments in Israel can be seen the state of the entire universe, and this shows just how quick the steps of God’s work are. “The time has come! I will put My work in motion, I will reign as King among men!” In the past, God only reigned in heaven. Today, He reigns on earth; God has taken back all of His authority, and so it is foretold that all mankind shall never again have the normal human life, for God shall reorder heaven and earth, and no man is allowed to interfere. Thus, God often reminds man that “The time has come.” When the Israelites have all returned to their country—on the day that the country of Israel has been entirely recovered—God’s great work will be complete. Without anyone realizing, people across the universe will revolt, and countries throughout the universe will fall like the stars in heaven; in an instant, they will become ruins. And after dealing with them, God shall build the kingdom beloved of His heart.

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