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561 Is It God’s Will for You to Live in the Flesh?

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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561 Is It God’s Will for You to Live in the Flesh?

1 People are all toying with God; they all know to take more nutritional supplements, but don’t feel anxious because of God—and is this serving God? Is this loving God? No wonder they spend all day without a care in the world, idle and quiescent. But even so, some people are still not satisfied, and create their own sorrow. This is what’s known as being self-sentimental! Is it God who makes you feel sorrowful? Is this not a case of bringing suffering upon yourself? Are none of God’s graces qualified to be the source of your happiness? Throughout, you haven’t been mindful of God’s will, and you’ve been negative, sickly, and distressed—why is this so?

2 Is it God’s will to make you live in the flesh? You’re ignorant of God’s will, uneasy within your own heart, you grumble and complain, and spend the whole day moping, and your flesh suffers pain and torture. You ask that others praise God amid chastisement, that they emerge from chastisement, and be unconstrained by it—yet you have fallen into it and cannot escape. It takes years to emulate this Dong Cunrui-esque “spirit of self-sacrifice.” When you preach words and doctrines, do you not feel ashamed? Do you know yourself? Have you put yourself aside? Do you truly love God? Have you put aside your prospects and fate?

Adapted from “Chapter 40” of Interpretations of the Mysteries

of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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