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231 God’s Judgment Made My God-loving Heart Purer

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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231 God’s Judgment Made My God-loving Heart Purer

1 O God! My flesh is disobedient, and You chastise me and judge me. I rejoice in Your chastisement and judgment, and even if You do not want me, in Your judgment I behold Your holy and righteous disposition. When You judge me, so that others may behold Your righteous disposition in Your judgment, I feel content.

2 I only wish that Your disposition may be shown forth so that Your righteous disposition may be seen by all creatures, and that I can love You more purely through Your judgment and attain the likeness of one who is righteous. This judgment of Yours is good, for such is Your gracious will.

3 I know that there is still much in me that is rebellious, and that I am still not fit to come before You. I wish for You to judge me even more, whether through a hostile environment or great tribulations; no matter what You do, to me it is precious. Your love is so profound, and I am willing to lay myself at Your mercy without the slightest complaint.

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