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525 Only by Knowing God’s Work Can You Follow Till The End

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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525 Only by Knowing God’s Work Can You Follow Till The End

1 Do not think that following God is so easy. The key is that you must know Him, you must know His work, and you must have the will to endure hardship for Him, have the will to sacrifice your life for Him, and have the will to be perfected by Him. This is the vision that you should have. It will not do if you are always thinking of enjoying grace. Do not suppose that God is there just for people’s enjoyment, and to bestow grace upon people. You thought wrong! If one cannot risk their life to follow, if one cannot abandon every worldly possession to follow, then they will absolutely not be able to follow to the finish!

2 You must have visions as your foundation. If the day of you suffering disaster comes, what ought you to do? Would you still be able to follow? Do not lightly say whether you will be able to follow to the finish. You’d better first open wide your eyes to see what the present time is. Though you may now be like pillars of the temple, a time will come when all of these pillars will be gnawed by worms, causing the temple to collapse, because at present there are so many visions that you lack. What you pay attention to is only your own little worlds, and you do not know what the most reliable, most appropriate way of seeking is.

3 You do not heed the vision of the work of today, and you do not hold these things in your hearts. Have you considered that one day your God will put you in a most unfamiliar place? Can you imagine a day when God might snatch away everything from you, what would become of you? Would your energy on that day be as it is now? Would your faith reappear? In following God, you must know this greatest vision that is “God.” This is the most important issue.

Adapted from “You Must Understand the Work; Don’t Follow Confusedly!”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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