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280 Love Keeps Watch

You’ve made countless calls to move people’s hearts. You’ve expressed millions of words to cleanse and transform man. You keep watch day and night, always there through so much wind and rain. You’ve poured out Your heart’s blood so that mankind may be saved. You endure our rebellion and misunderstandings with no complaints or regrets. But how many people understand Your heart? And how many have awakened and given their hearts to You? You have so many worries, so many anxieties and sighs. So much difficulty and bitterness, You bear all these things on Your own. You use words to judge and save mankind. You suffer enormous humiliation but never give up. How many years of keeping watch? How many years of waiting? It’s only to save mankind from Satan’s harm. Your kind intentions and Your sincere love have melted my heart like a warm stream. Even through the greatest difficulties, how could I ever be negative or retreat again? You’ve hoped, You’ve waited too long already. How could I bear to let You wait any longer, to hurt You more? In the last stretch of the road I shall rely on You going forward. To gain the truth, I’ll forge ahead and seek. No matter how serious, how great the persecution and hardships, I am utterly resolved to follow You. Being able to love You, to be a good witness for You is my heart’s desire for this life.

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