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73 My Heart’s Longing

1 The long journey of human lives, full of wind, rain, and vicissitudes. The drawn-out years, hard and desolate. Black clouds press down, making an abyss of darkness. The king of devils holds sway, brutal and inhuman. It rules as a despot, imprisons thoughts. Tempted by it, man loses their direction. Chasing fame and profit, battered from head to foot. Grievously harmed, drained of all human likeness. Weary in body and heart, riddled with wounds, with no strength left to struggle, already disheartened. Nowhere to turn, in pain and perplexed, yearning to find a pure land. Searching so hard, wandering the earth. Thinking day and night, heart full of melancholy. I earnestly pray, my heart longs for the Lord’s salvation to escape from this abyss of misery.

2 With a crash, the seven thunders ring out. Christ of the last days descends to earth. I’ve heard God’s words and returned before Him, I savor His words and understand the truth. His words nourish, sustain, and water me, I have personally experienced God’s true love. Through tribulation and trials, pain and refinement, life is enriched by continuous growth. Undergoing judgment, I cast off corruption, I’ve finally attained cleansing and salvation. There will be no more tears, no more distress. I throw myself before God, and bare my heart. He chose me because of His love, I’m so fortunate for the grace of salvation of the last days. I gush with thanks for God’s love, I’ve escaped from darkness and live before Him. I will dedicate a true heart to God, and fulfill my duty to repay His love.

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