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207 I’ll Never Again Walk Away From God

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207 I’ll Never Again Walk Away From God

1 I once pursued money and fame, I left God and went back to the world. I slid into darkness, I was anxious and uneasy. In my days without God by my side, my only companion was pain. Oh God, it’s my fault for not heeding Your words, I insisted on turning to Satan’s embrace. I forsook my faith, hurting You so deeply. I search my heart—where is my conscience? I’ve had my fill of the bitterness under Satan’s domain, I long for the happiness of being with You. I wish so much I could turn back time and start all over again. Is there any chance of rescuing me? Is it too late to turn back?

2 Through God’s harsh chastening and discipline, I’ve finally looked at myself. I only acknowledge God with my words, but I’ve never treated Him as God. I haven’t had the remotest reverence for Him, I’ve offended His disposition completely obliviously. Oh God, without pursuing the truth, how could I know or fear You? Looking back on yesterday, how I betrayed You is like a brand seared into my heart. I cannot repay such a great debt, remorse and self-reproach churn in my heart. I prostrate myself before You and bare my soul to You, tears suddenly leak from the corners of my eyes. My hardness and rebelliousness so wounded Your heart, how can I wipe away the terrible things of the past?

3 Only because of God’s mercy I have returned to His house. It’s His selfless salvation that’s given me the chance to repent. I’ve experienced God’s sincere love, I’ve set my resolve to make myself anew. Oh God, when I turn back toward You I see You smile upon me again. Your lovely form surrounds my heart, You’re so dear and beloved, it’s just like it was at first. What You are is so genuine, so real, it tugs at my heart, adoration springs up for You. Oh God, You’re my everything in life, I’ll never again walk away from You.

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