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316 Praise for New Life in the Kingdom

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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316 Praise for New Life in the Kingdom

1 We’ve heard God’s voice and returned to His house. In gatherings we eat and drink God’s words, we’re attending the banquet. We bid farewell to our sorrows and entanglements, we’re leading a new life. God’s words are with us every day, we so bask in them. Opening our hearts in fellowship on the truth, our hearts are so brightened. We contemplate, ponder God’s words, the Holy Spirit enlightens us. We are rid of our barriers and prejudices, we live within God’s love. We understand the truth and are freed, our hearts are sweet as honey. We love each other, there’s no distance between us. We understand God’s heart, we’re no longer negative. Living within God’s words, we see His loveliness. We’ve taken the path of light in life, this is all God’s guidance.

2 God’s words are so precious, they’re entirely the truth. Accepting the judgment of God’s words, our corruption is fully exposed. With an arrogant disposition, we really lack reason. God’s words prune and deal with us, we’ve come to know ourselves. We reflect on, understand ourselves, have true repentance. Through judgment and chastisement, our corruption is cleansed. We cast off our corrupt dispositions, we become new men. We’re able to perform our duties acceptably to repay God’s love. We each do our part, we’re devoted to God. We stand firm in testimony to fulfill God’s will. We each emit our own light, our own spark, proclaiming and bearing witness to God. Pure and honest love for God is happy and sweet.

3 We join hearts and hands to testify to God. We spread the gospel of the kingdom, never fearing hardship or weariness. Through tribulations and trials, we pray to and rely on God. The way is rough and rugged, but God opens up a path. Understanding the truth of God’s words, our hearts gain strength. God’s words encourage us, we push ever forward. Side by side, hand in hand we bear witness for God, we give ourselves to Him body and mind. No matter how great our suffering, we are more than willing. With God’s words’ guidance, we triumph over Satan. We truly love God, we’ll never regret it. We’ve fully forsaken the great red dragon, we’re victorious soldiers. We bear witness on our path of love for God, we shall never retreat.

We sing aloud our praises for God, we dance and dance. We praise our new life in the kingdom, our hearts are truly happy. It’s God who’s saved us, we’ve become God’s people. Being raised before God’s throne is enjoyment without compare.

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