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Only Putting the Truth Into Practice Is Having Reality

The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Only Putting the Truth Into Practice Is Having Reality

Being able to blatantly explain God’s words does not mean that you are in possession of reality—things are not as simple as you may have imagined. Whether you are in possession of reality or not is not based on what you say, rather, it is based on what you live out. When God’s words become your life and your natural expression, only this counts as reality, and only this counts as you possessing understanding and real stature. You must be able to withstand examination for a long period of time, and you must be able to live out the likeness that is required of you by God; it must not be mere posturing, but it must flow naturally out of you. Only then will you truly have reality, and only then will you have gained life. Let Me use the example of the trial of service-doers that everyone is familiar with. Anyone can talk about the loftiest theories regarding the service-doers; you all have a decent level of understanding regarding this matter, and each of you is more proficient at talking about this subject matter than the previous one, as if this were a competition. However, if man has not undergone a major trial, it is hard to say he has a good testimony. In short, man’s living out is still very lacking, and this is out of tune with his understanding. Therefore, it has yet to become man’s actual stature, and it is not yet man’s life. Because man’s understanding has not been brought into reality, his stature is still like a castle built on sand, teetering and on the verge of collapse. Man has too little of reality—it is almost impossible to find any reality in man. There is too little reality naturally flowing from man and all the reality in his life has been forced, which is why I say that man possesses no reality. Don’t put too much stock in men saying that their love of God never changes—this is only what they say before they have been faced with trials. Once they are suddenly faced with trials, the things that they speak of will once again become incompatible with reality, and it will once again prove that men possess no reality. It can be said that whenever you encounter things that do not fit with your notions and require that you put yourself aside, these are your trials. Prior to God’s will being revealed, there is a rigorous test for every man, an immense trial for everyone—can you see this matter clearly? When God wants to try men, He always lets them make their choices before the truth of the facts has been revealed. This is to say that when God is trying you, He will never tell you the truth, and that is how men may be exposed. This is one way that God carries out His work, to see whether you understand the God of today, and to see whether you possess any reality. Are you truly free of doubts regarding God’s work? Will you be able to stand firm when a major trial comes upon you? Who dares to say words such as “I guarantee there will be no problems”? Who dares to say words such as “Others might have doubts, but I shall never doubt”? Just like the times Peter was subjected to trials—he was always talking big before the truths had been revealed. This is not a personal flaw unique to Peter; this is the greatest difficulty facing every man now. If I were to visit several places, or if I were to visit several brothers and sisters, to look at your understanding of God’s work of today, you would certainly be able to talk about many of your understandings, and it would appear that you do not have any doubts. If I were to ask you: “Can you really determine that the work of today is performed by God Himself? Without any doubt?” you would certainly answer: “Without any doubt, it is the work performed by the Spirit of God.” Once you have answered in such a way, you surely would not have a shred of doubt and you might even feel great enjoyment—you might feel that you have gained a bit of reality. Those who tend to understand things in this manner are those who are in possession of less reality; the more one thinks that he’s gained it, the more one won’t be able to stand firm in trials. Woe to those who are arrogant and haughty, and woe to those who have no knowledge of themselves. Such men are the best at talking yet fare the worst in their actions. When there is the smallest sign of trouble, these men will start to have doubts and the thought of quitting enters their mind. They have no possession of any reality; all that they have are theories loftier than those of religion, without any of the realities that God now demands. I am most disgusted by those who only speak of theories and have no reality. They make the loudest cries when carrying out their work, yet they fall apart as soon as they are faced with reality. Doesn’t it show that these people have no reality? No matter how ferocious the wind and waves, if you can remain standing without a shred of doubt entering your mind, and you can stand firm and not be in a state of denial even when there is no one else left, then this counts as you having true understanding and you truly being in possession of reality. If you follow whichever way the wind blows, if you follow the majority and learn to say what others are saying, no matter how well you say such things, it is no proof that you are in possession of reality. Therefore, I suggest that you not be premature in shouting out empty words. Do you know the work that God will perform? Do not behave like another Peter lest you bring shame to yourself and you can no longer hold your head high—this doesn’t do anyone any good. Most men have no real stature. God has performed a great deal of work but He has not made reality come upon people; to be more exact, God has never personally chastised anyone. So, some of them have been exposed by such trials, with their tentacles of sin crawling further and further out, thinking that they can treat God in an offhanded manner, and doing whatever they want. Since they are not even able to withstand this kind of trial, the more challenging trials are out of the question, and reality is also out of the question. Is this not trying to fool God? To have reality is not something that can be faked, and neither is it something that you can attain from your knowledge of it. It is based on your true stature, and it is based on whether you are able to withstand all trials. Do you understand now?

God’s requirement of men is not simply to be able to talk about reality. Wouldn’t that be too easy? Why does God then talk about entry into life? Why does He talk about transformation? If one is merely capable of empty talk of reality, could a transformation in disposition be achieved? Training a group of good soldiers of the kingdom is not the same as training men who can only talk about reality or men who only boast, but it is training men who can live out God’s words at all times, who are unyielding regardless of the setbacks that they face, and who live in accordance with God’s words at all times, and do not go back to the world. This is the reality that God talks about, and this is God’s requirement of men. Therefore, do not see the reality spoken of by God as too simple. Mere enlightenment by the Holy Spirit does not equal the possession of reality: This is not the stature of men, but the grace of God, and it does not involve any achievements of men. Each man must endure Peter’s sufferings, and even more possess Peter’s glory, which is what men live out after they have gained the work of God. Only this can be called reality. Do not think that you will possess reality because you can talk about reality. This is a fallacy, this does not fit with God’s will, and it has no actual significance. Do not say such things in the future—extinguish such sayings! All those with a false understanding of God’s words are unbelievers. They do not have any real knowledge, much less any real stature; they are ignorant people without reality. That is, all those who live outside of the substance of God’s words are unbelievers. Those deemed unbelievers by men are beasts in the eyes of God, and those deemed unbelievers by God are those who do not have God’s words as their life. Therefore, those who do not possess the reality of God’s words and who fail to live out God’s words are unbelievers. God’s intention is to make it so that everyone lives out the reality of God’s words. It is not simply that everyone is able to talk about reality, but more importantly, that everyone is able to live out the reality of God’s words. The reality that man perceives is too superficial, it has no value, it cannot fulfill God’s will, it is too lowly, is not even worthy of mention, is lacking too much, and is too far off from the standard of God’s requirements. Each of you will be subject to a major inspection to see which of you only knows to talk about your understanding but is unable to point out the path, and to see which of you is useless trash. Remember this in the future! Do not talk about empty understandings—only talk about the path of practice, and about reality. Transition from real knowledge to actual practice, and then transition from practicing to living out reality. Do not lecture others, and do not talk about real knowledge. If your understanding is a path, then you can release it; if it is not a path, then please shut up, and stop talking. What you say is useless. It is just some words of understanding to fool God and to have others envy you. Is that not your ambition? Is this not deliberately toying with others? Is there any value in this? Only talk about understanding after you have experienced it, and then you will no longer be boasting. Otherwise you are only someone who says arrogant words. You cannot even overcome many things or rebel against your own flesh in your actual experience, always doing whatever you are driven to do by your desires, not satisfying God’s will, yet you still have the gall to talk of theoretical understandings—you are shameless! You still have the gall to talk about your understanding of God’s words—how impudent of you! Orating and boasting has become your nature, and you have become accustomed to doing this. It is at your fingertips whenever you want to talk, you do it smoothly and offhandedly, and you indulge in ornamentations when it comes to practicing. Is this not fooling others? You may be able to fool men, but God cannot be fooled. Men do not know and have no discernment, but God is serious about such matters, and He will not spare you. Your brothers and sisters might advocate for you, praising your understanding, admiring you, but if you have no reality, the Holy Spirit will not spare you. Perhaps the practical God will not pick on your flaws, but God’s Spirit will not pay any attention to you, and that will be enough for you to bear. Do you believe this? Talk more about the reality of practice; have you forgotten already? Talk more about the practical paths; have you forgotten already? “Speak less of the lofty theories or worthless inflated talk, and it is best to begin practice starting now.” Have you forgotten these words? Do you not understand any of this? Do you have no understanding of God’s will?

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