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The Path … (2)

Perhaps our brothers and sisters have a bit of an outline of the sequence, the steps, and the methods of God’s work in mainland China, but I always feel it’s better to have a recollection or a little summary for our brothers and sisters. I’m just using this opportunity to say a bit of what’s on My heart; I’m not talking about anything outside of this work. I hope that the brothers and sisters can understand My mood, and I also humbly request that all those who read My words understand and forgive My small stature, that My life experience is truly inadequate, and that I truly cannot keep My head high in front of God. However, I always feel that these are only objective reasons. In short, no matter what, no people, events, or things can hinder our fellowship in God’s presence, and I hope that our brothers and sisters are able to work harder in front of God along with Me. I would like to offer up the following prayer: “Oh God! Please have mercy on us so that I and My brothers and sisters may struggle together under the dominion of our common ideals, be faithful to You until death, and never go back on it!” These words are the determination I set in front of God, but it could also be said that it’s My own motto as a man of flesh who is used by God. I have shared this in fellowship with the brothers and sisters by My side many times, and I have given this to those alongside Me as a message. I don’t know what people think of it, but no matter what, I believe that they not only have an aspect of subjective effort, but even more, they also contain an aspect of objective theory. Because of this, it’s possible that some people have certain opinions, and you can take these words as your motto and see how great your drive for loving God will be. Some people will develop a certain notion when they read these words, and think: “How could such an everyday, normal thing to say give people a great drive to love God until death? And it has nothing to do with the topic of what we’re discussing, ‘The Path.’” I acknowledge that these words don’t have a great deal of charm, but I have always thought that it can lead people onto the right track, and allow them to undergo all kinds of trials along the path of belief in God without losing heart or turning back. This is why I always treat this as My motto, and I hope that people can carefully think this over. However, My intention isn’t to force everyone to accept My own views—this is just a suggestion. No matter what other people think of Me, I think that God will understand the inner dynamics of every single one of us. God is constantly working on every single one of us, and His work is tireless. This is because we were all born in the country of the great red dragon—this is why He works this way in us. Those who were born in the country of the great red dragon have the fortune to gain this kind of work of the Holy Spirit. As one of them, I greatly feel the dearness, respectability, as well as the loveliness of God. This is God caring for us. Such a backward, conservative, feudalistic, superstitious, and depraved empire of the proletariat gains this kind of work from God. From this, it’s clear that we, this group of people in the final age, are very blessed. I believe that all of the brothers and sisters whose spiritual eyes are opened to see this work will all weep tears of joy for this, and at that time, won’t you express this to God by dancing with joy? Won’t you offer up the song in your heart to God? At that time won’t you show your resolve to God and make another plan before Him? I think that all of these are things that a proper believer in God should do. As human beings, I believe that every one of us should have some kind of expression in front of God. This is what a person who has feelings should do. Looking at the caliber of everyone among us as well as our birthplace, it shows how much humiliation God endured in order to come to our midst. Although we have some knowledge of God inside of us, based on what we do know, God is so great, so supreme, and so honorable, it is enough to know how great His suffering has been among mankind by comparison. But this is still a vague thing to say, and people can only treat it as words and doctrines. This is because those in our midst are too numb and dull-witted. I can only put more effort into explaining this issue to all those brothers and sisters who would accept it so that our spirits can be moved by the Spirit of God. May God open our spiritual eyes so that we may see the price God has paid, the effort He has made, and the energy He has expended for us.

As one of those in mainland China who has accepted the Spirit of God, I deeply feel that our caliber is truly lacking. (I hope that our brothers and sisters don’t feel negative because of this—this is the reality of the situation.) In My practical life I have clearly seen that what we have and are is all so backward. In the major aspects, it’s how we conduct ourselves in our lives and our relationship with God, and in the minor aspects, it’s every single idea and thought. All of these are things that exist objectively and they are difficult to conceal with words or illusory things. So, when I say this most people nod their heads and acknowledge it, and they are convinced of it unless they are someone with lacking normal reason. That kind of person is unable to accept this kind of view of Mine. Perhaps I really don’t know how to be courteous, and I am straightforwardly referring to that kind of person as a veritable beast. This is because that kind of person is lowest on the totem pole in the country of the great red dragon—they are like a pig or a dog. That kind of person is most lacking in caliber, and they are not worthy of coming in front of God. Perhaps it is that My words are too impudent. I represent the Spirit of God who is working in Me and curse this kind of beast-like, filthy creature, and I hope that My brothers and sisters are not weakened by this. It is possible that we do not have this kind of person amongst us, but no matter what the truth is, I believe that this is how that kind of person should be dealt with. What do you think?

The several thousand years of the empire of the great red dragon has been depraved all the way until now, and because it has consistently resisted God, God has cursed this country and treated it with wrath, and after that He has meted out His chastisement. This country cursed by God has been subject to racial discrimination, and it is still in a state of backwardness. The country that we were born in is the gathering ground of many unclean spirits, and therefore they run rampant and seek dominance in this land. This has led to the sullying of those who were born here. People’s habits, customs, and ideas and concepts are backward and old-fashioned, so they form all sorts of notions about God which so far they have been unable to shake off. In particular, they act one way in front of God and act in another way behind His back, mistaking enshrining Satan for serving God. This is a display of being most backward. God has carried out so much work in mainland China and has spoken so many of His words, but people are yet utterly numb and indifferent. They are still doing their work as they previously did and they have absolutely no understanding of God’s words. When God proclaimed that there was no future and no hope, a church that was alive with the heat of summer immediately fell into a cold winter. People’s true selves were exposed in the light of day and their previous confidence, love, and strength all disappeared without a trace. And now, no one has recovered their vitality. They say with their words that they love God, and although they don’t dare to complain in their hearts, no matter what they just do not have that love. What is that about? I think that our brothers and sisters will acknowledge this fact. May God enlighten us, so that we can all know His loveliness, love our God in the depths of our hearts, and express the love all of us have for God in different positions; may God bestow upon us unswerving hearts of sincere love for Him—this is what I hope for. Having said this, I feel a bit of sympathy for My brothers and sisters also living in this land of filth, so I have developed a hatred for the great red dragon. It hinders our love for God and entices our greediness for our future prospects. It tempts us to be negative, to resist God. It has been the great red dragon that has deceived us, corrupted us, and ravaged us until now, to the point that we are unable to repay God’s love with our hearts. We have the drive in our hearts but in spite of ourselves, we are powerless. All of us are its victims. For this reason, I hate it from My very core and I cannot wait to destroy it. However, when I think again, this would be to no avail and it would only bring trouble to God, so I come back to these words—I set My heart on doing His will—loving God. This is the path that I am taking—it is the path that I, one of His creations, should walk. It is how I should spend My life. These are words from My heart, and I hope that My brothers and sisters will gain some encouragement after reading these words so that My heart can gain some peace. For My goal is to do God’s will and thus live out a life full of meaning and brilliance. In this, I will be able to die without regrets, with a heart full of gratification and comfort. Would you like to do that? Are you someone with that kind of resolution?

That God is able to work in those called the “Sick Man of East Asia” is His great power. It is His humility and hiddenness. Regardless of His harsh words or chastisement toward us, we should praise Him from the bottom of our hearts for His humility, and love Him until the very end for this. People who have been bound by Satan for several thousand years have continued to live under its influence and have not thrown it off. They have continued to bitterly grope and struggle. In the past they would burn incense, and bow to and enshrine Satan, and they were tightly bound to family and secular entanglements as well as social interactions. They were unable to throw them off. In this kind of dog-eat-dog society, where can anyone find a meaningful life? What people recount is a life of suffering, and fortunately, God has saved these innocent people, placing our lives under His care and His protection so that our lives are joyful and no longer full of worries. We have continued to live under His grace so far. Is this not God’s blessing? How can anyone have the nerve to make extravagant demands of God? Has He given us so little? You still aren’t satisfied? I think that the time has come for us to repay God’s love. Although we are subject to no small amount of ridicule, slander, and persecution because we follow the path of belief in God, I believe this is a meaningful thing. It is a thing of glory, not shame, and no matter what, the blessings we enjoy are not paltry at all. In countless times of disappointment, God’s words have brought comfort, and before we know it, sorrow has turned to joy. In countless times of need, God has brought blessings and we have been provided for through His words. In countless times of sickness, God’s words have brought life—we have been freed from danger, and turned from danger to safety. You have already enjoyed so many things such as these without realizing it. Could it possibly be that you do not remember?

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