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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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The Path … (4)

That people are able to discover God’s loveliness, to seek the way of loving God in this age, and that they are willing to accept the training of the kingdom of today—all of this is God’s grace and even more, it’s Him uplifting mankind. Whenever I think of this I strongly feel the loveliness of God. It is truly that God loves us. Otherwise, who would be able to discover His loveliness? It is only from this that I see that all of this work is personally done by God Himself, and people are guided and directed by God. I give thanks to God for this, and I’d like My brothers and sisters to join Me in praising God: “All glory be to You, the supreme God Himself! May Your glory multiply and be revealed in those of us who have been selected and obtained by You.” I have gained enlightenment from God—before the ages God had already predestined us and wanted to gain us in the last days, thus allowing all things in the universe to see God’s glory in its entirety through us. Thus, we are the crystallization of six thousand years of God’s management plan; we are the models, the specimens of God’s work in the entire universe. Not until now have I discovered how much love God truly has for us, and that the work He does in us and the things that He says all surpass that of ages past a millionfold. Even in Israel and in Peter, God never personally did so much work and spoke so much. This shows that we, this group of people, truly are incredibly blessed—incomparably more blessed than the saints of times past. This is why God has always said people of the final age are blessed. No matter what others say, I believe that we are the ones who are most blessed by God. We should accept the blessings bestowed upon us by God; perhaps there are some who will complain to God, but I believe that blessings come from God and that proves that they are what we deserve. Even if others complain or are not happy with us, I always believe that no one can accept or take away the blessings God has given to us. Because God’s work is carried out on us and He is speaking to us face to face—to us, not to others—God does whatever He wants to do, and if people are not convinced, isn’t that just asking for trouble? Isn’t that courting humiliation? Why would I say this? It’s because I have deep experience with this. Just like the work God does on Me that only I can accept—can anyone else do it? I am fortunate that God entrusts Me with this—could someone else just indiscriminately do that? But I hope that My brothers and sisters can understand My heart. It’s not to hold up My own credentials to boast to people, but it’s to explain an issue. I am willing to give all glory to God and to have Him observe each and every one of our hearts so that our hearts are all purified in front of God. I would like to make a wish from the bottom of My heart: I hope to be completely obtained by God, to become a pure virgin who is sacrificed upon the altar, and even more to have the obedience of a lamb, appearing among all of mankind as a holy spiritual body. This is My promise, the oath I have set forth in front of God. I am willing to fulfill it and repay God’s love through this. Are you willing to do this? I believe that this promise of Mine will invigorate more younger brothers and sisters, and bring more young people hope. I feel that it seems that God places special emphasis on young people. Perhaps it’s My own bias, but I always feel that young people have hope for their future; it seems that God does extra work in young people. Although they are lacking in insight and wisdom and they are all overly exuberant and hot-headed just like a newborn calf, I believe that the youth are not entirely without their merits. You can see the innocence of youth in them and they are easy to accept new things. Although young people do tend toward arrogance, fierceness, and impulsivity, these things do not impact their ability to receive new light. This is because young people generally don’t hold fast to outmoded things. That’s why I see limitless promise in young people, and their vitality; it is from this that I have a tender feeling for them. Although I don’t have any dislike for the older brothers and sisters, I’m also not interested in them. I do sincerely apologize to the older brothers and sisters. Perhaps what I’ve said is out of line or is inconsiderate, but I hope that all of you can forgive My recklessness, because I am too young and do not place too much emphasis on My manner of speaking. However, to tell the truth, the older brothers and sisters do, after all, have their functions that they should perform—they are not at all useless. This is because they have experience in dealing with affairs, they are steady in how they handle things, and they do not make as many mistakes. Aren’t these their strengths? I’d like for all of us to say before God: “Oh God! May we all fulfill our own functions in our different positions, and may we all do our very best for Your will!” I believe this must be God’s will!

From what I have seen in My experience, many who have openly resisted this stream, that is, many who have directly resisted God’s Spirit, have been older people. The religious notions that these people hold are very strong and they compare old-fashioned things to God’s words in every aspect. They always apply things they accepted in the past to God’s words. Are they not absurd? Can someone like that do God’s work? Can God use that kind of person for His work? The Holy Spirit has a method for any given day of His work; if people cling to old-fashioned things, there will come a day when they are pushed off the stage of history. At each stage of His work, God always uses new people. If one were to lecture others with obsolete things, wouldn’t this just be ruining people? Wouldn’t this be holding up His work? So when can God’s work be completed? Maybe there are some who have some notions about what I’ve just said. Maybe they won’t be convinced. However, I hope that you are not worried; many things such as this will happen in the near future, and this can only be elucidated through the facts. We may as well go visit some important personages, some prestigious pastors or Bible expositors and preach this stream to them. At first, they’ll surely not openly resist, but they’ll pull out the Bible to compete with you. They’ll have you recount the Book of Isaiah and the Book of Daniel, and they’ll even have you explain the Book of Revelation. And if you can’t speak to it, they’ll reject you, and call you a false Christ, say that you are spreading a way of absurdity. After an hour they’ll make false accusations against you to the point that you are breathless. Isn’t this open resistance? But that’s just the beginning. They cannot impede the next step of God’s work, and before long, the Holy Spirit will force them to accept it. This is the general trend; it is something that humans cannot do and something that people cannot even imagine. I believe that God’s work will spread unimpeded throughout the universe. This is God’s will, and no one can stop it. May God enlighten us and make us accept more new light and not interrupt God’s management in this matter. May God have mercy on us so that we are all able to see the arrival of His day of glory. When God is glorified across the entire universe will also be the time that we gain glory alongside Him. It seems that will also be the time that I will part from those who walk with Me. I hope that My brothers and sisters may raise their voices with Mine in a plea to God: May God’s great work be completed soon so that we may see His day of glory during our lifetime. I still hope to achieve God’s will within My lifetime, and I hope that God may continue to do His work in us and that there are never any hindrances. This is My eternal aspiration. May God always be among us and may His love build bridges between us so that the friendship between us becomes more precious. I hope that love creates further understanding between us and that love can bring us closer, remove any distance between us, and that the love between us may become deeper, broader, and sweeter. I believe that this has to be the will of My God. I hope that My brothers and sisters may become more intimate with Me, and that we may all treasure the brief days we have together and they can serve as beautiful memories for us.

There have been more steps of God’s work in mainland China but they are not complicated at all. Thinking of all those steps, they are not without reason—they have all been completed by God Himself, and all people play a variety of roles within His work. Every act in this play is funny to people, and surprisingly everyone has a role in it. In every trial, people’s performances are true to life, and each and every person is sketched very vividly and thoroughly with God’s pen. Everyone has plenty that is exposed in the light of day. I’m not saying that God is poking fun at people through His work; there would be no sense in that. All of God’s work has its purpose; He absolutely does not do anything that doesn’t have significance or value. Everything that He does is to perfect and obtain mankind. It is only from this that I have truly seen that God’s heart is entirely for the good of man. Although it can be called a play, it can also be said that this play is an example of real life, but for the general director of the drama, God, people are all to cooperate to complete this work. But from another side, God obtains people through this and makes people love Him more. Isn’t this His will? So I hope that no one has any concerns. Don’t you know anything about God’s will? I’ve said so much—I hope My brothers and sisters can all understand and don’t misunderstand My heart. I believe that God absolutely will obtain you. Everyone walks a different path. I hope that the path under your feet is the one that is opened by God, and that you may all pray and say: “Oh God! May You obtain me so that my spirit may return to You.” Are you ready to seek God’s guidance in the depths of your spirit?

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