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155 I Pledge My Life to Follow God Faithfully

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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155 I Pledge My Life to Follow God Faithfully

1 I was arrested and persecuted by the CCP for bearing witness to God. Trapped in a demons’ lair, I lay on the freezing floor. They used all kinds of devices to torture my weakened body. Being humiliated by the demons made death seem preferable to life. I felt weak so many times, I sobbed in pain, I was tormented so many times, I groaned in pain. Pain and despair surrounded me, my heart wept. I couldn’t tell when this torture and torment would ever come to an end. I prayed so many times to God in the pitch black of night. God’s words gave me the faith to stand firm.

2 I thought of that wonderful time I spent together with God. That joyful time arose in my mind. How could I forget the vow I made back then, to be the victorious proof and to spread the word of the strength of God’s people? Even if this pain has not yet been taken from me, but carries on, even if the gales continue to blow and the rainstorms suddenly crash down, even if I die after I wake, let my flowing blood wash away my suffocating fear. With determination, I sang a victorious song of triumph in praise of God, and I bore resounding witness to glorify God’s holy name.

3 Through trials and tribulations, I finally awaken. I see that Satan is despicable, cruel and evil. Flames of rage are kindled in my heart. I pledge my life to forsake the great red dragon and bear witness to God. It is my honor to now be able to follow Christ of the last days. The light and momentary affliction works for unparalleled glory. With God’s word beside me, I shall no longer feel alone or afraid. With God guiding me through tribulation, I calmly walk on. Through trials and tribulations, I am filled with faith. I pledge my life to follow Christ till the very end.

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