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987 Looking Up to and Relying on God Is the Greatest Wisdom

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987 Looking Up to and Relying on God Is the Greatest Wisdom

1 Regardless of how great or small one’s stature is, or what sort of environment one is in, and no matter how much truth one understands, how many duties one has fulfilled, or how much one has experienced while fulfilling those duties, one thing that they cannot do without is that in everything they do, they must look to God and rely on God. This is the greatest sort of wisdom. Even if one has come to understand some truths, will it do if they do not rely on God? Some people, after believing in God a little longer, have come to understand some truths and undergone a few trials. They might have a bit of practical experience, but they do not know to rely on God, and they do not understand how to look to God and rely on God. Do such people possess wisdom? They are the most foolish of people, and they are the sort who think themselves clever; they do not fear God and shun evil.

2 You might be able to voice a bunch of spiritual theories, but that does not mean you understand the truth; much less does it mean you understand God’s will in everything. There is a very important lesson here; that is, people must look up to God in everything they do. If they look up to God in everything they do, then they can rely on God, and only those who rely on God can find a way forward. There is a serious issue here, and that is that in many things people do, they act according to experiences and regulations that they understand as well as some things that humans imagine. As such, they have a very difficult time being able to look up to God and rely on God, and this makes them prone to doing things their own way. Even if they do not do evil, God still is not satisfied. Thus, looking up to God and relying on Him in everything is the greatest sort of wisdom.

Adapted from “Believers First Need to See Through

the Evil Trends of the World”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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