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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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1 Before Your descent, I, alone, wept in darkness and pain. Before Your descent, I, arrogant, struggled in the mire of the dung heap. Before Your descent, I, debased, begged amid the demons and beasts. Before Your descent, I had sold my heart to the king of devils and was trampled by it. I was in despair, desperately hoping for the return of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus. Lightning came from the East, I saw Your words are the appearance of true light. I heard Your voice and returned before Your throne, gaining new life.

2 Your words are like a sharp sword, judging and exposing my satanic nature. Your essence is holy, revealing my unspeakable filth, and I’m no longer so self-righteous. Your disposition is righteous, incinerating all of my unrighteousness, so I no longer resist. Your judgment is love, thoroughly cleansing my corrupt disposition. Oh Almighty God, it is You saving us from darkness to live in the light. You are Christ, the Savior; Your words are the truth, the way, the life. It is You working to save mankind, bringing us the way of eternal life.

3 Your words cleanse my corruption, bringing me onto the path of light in life. Oh Almighty God, Your holiness and righteousness deserve mankind’s eternal praise. We believe in You, follow You, bear witness to You, this is our bounden duty. Oh Almighty God, You possess so much loveliness, we will always love and praise You.

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