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167 The Saints Are Victorious

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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167 The Saints Are Victorious

1 Christ of the last days expresses the truth, judging and cleansing mankind. We’ve heard God’s voice and returned before Him. God’s words show His almightiness, awakening and conquering us. No matter the disruption, hindrances, or attacks of Satan’s evil forces, we have determined that Christ is the truth and the life, we resolutely follow God!

2 In the dark den of devils, our heart and body are tormented, blood and tears flow. At the moment of life and death, we call out to God, and God’s words guide us through our troubles. Seeing how great, how extraordinary God’s life force is, I love Him more firmly. We’d give our lives to be loyal to God, and never give in to Satan as Judas. Experiencing trials and refinement, we bear good and resounding testimony to God.

3 God has made a group of overcomers, He has defeated Satan and gained full glory. God’s great work has been accomplished, and He begins to rain down disasters and destroy the great red dragon. Righteous God rewards the good and punishes the wicked, His disposition has been completely revealed. The saints have won, Christ’s kingdom has come to the world, and the truth wields power. We praise God’s righteousness and almightiness. Everlasting is our praise of Almighty God’s holy name!

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