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699 You Should Seek to Be Perfected by God in All Things

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699 You Should Seek to Be Perfected by God in All Things

1 At present, that which you should primarily seek is to be perfected by God in all things, and to be perfected by God through all people, matters, and things that you are faced with, so that more of what God is will be incorporated into you. You must first receive the inheritance of God on earth before you are eligible to inherit more and greater blessings from God. All such things are that which you should seek and which you should first understand. The more you seek to be perfected by God in all things, the more you will be able to see the hand of God in all things, thereby actively seeking to enter into the being of God’s word and the reality of His word through different perspectives and in different matters. You cannot be content with such negative states as merely not committing sins, or having no conceptions, no philosophy of life, and no human will.

2 God perfects man in various ways, and it is possible in all matters for you to be perfected as a result. Not only can you be perfected in terms of the positive, but also of the negative, thereby enriching what you gain. Every day there are opportunities to be perfected and time to be gained by God. After a period of such experience, you will be greatly changed. You will now naturally be able to gain insight into many things that you previously did not understand; without needing others to teach you, unknowingly, you will be enlightened by God, so that you have enlightenment in all things and all your experiences go into detail. God will guide you so that you veer not to either side. Then you will be set upon the path to perfection by Him.

Adapted from “Promises to Those Who Have Been Perfected”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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