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256 I Only Seek to Love God in My Heart

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256 I Only Seek to Love God in My Heart

O God! I do not ask that others tolerate me or treat me well, nor that they understand or approve of me. I only ask that I am able to love You in my heart, that I am at ease in my heart, and that my conscience is clear. I do not ask that others commend me, or hold me in high regard; I only ask to satisfy You from my heart, and I only wish to put the truth into practice to satisfy You. I perform my duty with full devotion, and although I am foolish and of poor caliber, I know that You are lovely, and I am willing to devote all I have to You. My only desire is to act based on my heart of love for You; I ask only to serve You with a true heart and with the truth. I want nothing more than to carry out Your will for my entire life, and do all things according to Your will.

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