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128 Seeking for the Sake of Love

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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128 Seeking for the Sake of Love

1 From all the truths You’ve expressed, I’ve seen that You are love. My lovely beloved, I so wish to live with You. I always want there to be no distance between us, and I want to lean close to You. I always want to fall into Your arms, and to be of one heart and be intimate with You. Since I first heard Your voice, I could not forget You for this life. Your voice sounds so good and Your words are majestic and powerful. Every word You speak is the truth, and they are what I need in my life. Your words have drawn my heart, I’ve given up everything to follow You.

2 I’ve understood Your words are the truth, I’ve seen Your disposition is so honorable. Your holy love evokes admiration, Your righteousness merits praise. I am full of a corrupt disposition, I want to love You but I cannot control myself. By undergoing judgment, trials, and refinement, I’ve understood Your kind intentions. You’re by my side through my suffering, when I fail and stumble You help me up. You’ve never abandoned me, You’ve always been quietly caring for and protecting me. All You say and do is love, it’s all to purify and save me. I follow You and bask in Your love, dashing forward and never again hesitating. Your love is too deep for anyone to fathom, You are so worthy of man’s love. I follow very closely behind You, I only want to seek Your love.

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