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167. The Identity and Position of God Himself

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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167. The Identity and Position of God Himself


God is He who rules o’er all things,

God is He who presides o’er all things.

He created everything, presides over everything,

He rules over all and provides for all.

This is God’s position, this is what He is.

To everything, and to all created things,

He’s the Maker of all things and the Lord of all things.

This is the truth of what He is,

His identity is unique in all creation.

No created being, in mankind or in spirit world,

can pretend to be God or stand in God’s own position

to replace God by any means or by any pretext.

In all creation only one being

has such identity, such power and authority,

can rule over all things.

He is our one and only God Himself.

He is our one and only God Himself.


God lives among creation, walking among them.

He can also soar up high, above all things.

He can lower Himself, becoming a man of flesh,

a man of flesh and blood in humankind.

He meets people face to face, shares their sorrows and joys.

At the same time, He presides over all,

decides the fate of all and the direction for all things to go.

And even more, He’s guiding the destiny

and the direction of mankind.

A God as such deserves to be worshiped,

to be obeyed, as well as to be known by anyone with life.

No matter which part of the human race you are,

or what kind of human being you are,

trust God, follow and revere God,

accept God’s dominion, accept His dominion,

and His disposing of your fate.

For any human being or anyone with life,

this is the only choice, a choice you have to make.

This is the only choice, a choice you have to make.

from “God Himself, the Unique X” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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