651 Suffering This Hardship Has Profound Significance

Verse 1

Believers in God harbor hope that God’s day

will soon arrive so their misery will end;

they hope God will change His form,

and that all their suffering will cease.

These thoughts exist in the depths of their hearts,

for man’s flesh is not willing to suffer,

and instead it longs for better days

when it’s going through suffering.


These things won’t be revealed

without the right conditions.

While conditions not yet ripe,

everyone will seem fine;

they’ll appear to be of good stature,

seem to understand truth well,

and seem very full of energy.

One day, when conditions arise,

all of these thoughts will be revealed;

their minds will begin to struggle,

some will start to head downhill.

Chorus 1

It’s not that God doesn’t make a way out for you,

or that He doesn’t bestow His grace on you;

it’s not that He disregards

how difficult your situations are.

This pain you endure is a blessing,

because you must withstand this

to be saved and survive;

this is predestined by God.

Verse 2

The suffering you endure is your blessing.

Don’t think this is a simple thing;

it’s not playing around to make people suffer.

The meaning of this is profound.

If you’re on the right path,

and if what you seek is correct,

in the end, you will obtain more

than all the saints through the ages,

and the promises that you inherit will be greater still.

Chorus 2

This pain you endure is a blessing,

because you must withstand this

to be saved and survive;

this is predestined by God,

this is predestined by God.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Those Who Have Lost the Holy Spirit’s Work Are Most at Risk

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