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Reflection on Matthew 25: How to Become Wise Virgins

No one wants to be a foolish virgin and be cast aside by the Lord, but what kind of practice is actually being a wise virgin? I’d like to share my personal understanding of this issue—I hope it’ll be helpful for you.

April 20, 2019

What Is God’s Attitude Toward Sinners?

When we talk about God’s attitude toward sinners, brothers and sisters all understand this subject differently. How exactly does the Lord treat sinners? Read this article and you’ll find the answer!

October 13, 2018

What Is True Salvation?

Is “once saved always saved” biblical? Is it correct? Read now to learn about the true meaning of salvation, so that you can find the way to be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven.

September 13, 2018

How to Discern False Christs: Here Are 2 Ways

It’s said in Matthew 24 in the Bible that false prophets and false Christs will arise in the last days, and show great signs and wonders to deceive people. This article will tell you how to discern between the true Chri…

June 15, 2020

What Does “No One Knows the Day or Hour” Mean?

What is the real meaning of “no one knows the day or the hour”? There are people online openly bearing witness that the Lord Jesus has already returned. How could they know? Read this article to learn the truth.

August 11, 2020

Is Forgiveness of Sins Gaining the Way of Eternal Life?

By ChenchenVery early one morning, a ray of sun came through the window blinds and landed on the bamboo plant on my desk. It seemed to glow with vitality in the sun. Finishing up my spiritual devotionals, I turned on my …

January 20, 2020

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