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682 Being Tested by God’s Words Is Being Blessed

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682 Being Tested by God’s Words Is Being Blessed

1 All people have been subject to refinement because of God’s words. If it hadn’t been for God incarnate mankind absolutely would not be blessed to suffer that way. It can also be put this way—those who are able to accept the trials of God’s words are blessed people. Based on people’s original caliber, their behavior, and their attitudes toward God, they are not worthy of receiving this kind of refinement. It is because they have been uplifted by God that they have enjoyed this blessing. People used to say that they were not worthy of seeing the face of God or hearing His words. Today it is entirely because of God’s uplifting and His mercy that people have received the refinement of His words. This is the blessing of every single person who is living in the last days—have you personally experienced this?

2 In which aspects people should suffer and have setbacks is destined by God, and is not based on people’s own requirements. This is absolutely true. Every believer should possess the ability to undergo the trials of God’s words and suffer within His words. Is this something that you can see clearly? So the suffering you have undergone has been traded for today’s blessings; if you do not suffer for God, you cannot gain His praise. Maybe you have complained in the past, but no matter how much you have complained God does not remember that about you. Today has come and there is no reason to look into yesterday’s matters.

Adapted from “Genuine Love for God Is Spontaneous”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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