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Best Christian Dance Music | Second Coming of Jesus | Worship Song "Christ's Kingdom Is Realized Among Men" 3:19
Welcome the Return of the Lord Jesus | Praise and Worship "God Has Brought His Glory to the East" 3:34
Tai Chi Dance | New Heaven and New Earth "The Significance of the Appearance of God" 8:51
Love God Forever | Praise and Worship Dance "God's True Love" 3:12
Welcome the Return of the Lord Jesus | Praise and Worship "The Happiness in the Good Land of Canaan" 6:03
Praise God Almighty | New Heaven and Earth Has Appeared | "The Universe and Expanse Is Praising God" 6:53
Experience the True Love of God | Praise and Worship "Song of Sweet Love" 3:41
Live in God's Love | Praise Dance "Song of Sweet Love" | Hallelujah, Praise God 4:28
Mighty To Save | “During the Last Days, God Principally Uses the Word to Accomplish All” 10:03
The Great Power of God’s Love | Ballet Dance “If I Were Not Saved by God” 6:26
Praise God With Drum and Dance | Chinese Drumming & Street Dance "The Holy Kingdom Has Appeared" 5:19
Praise God Forever Without Ceasing | Xinjiang Dance | "Let’s See Who Testifies God Better" 4:46
Glory to God | God Is Come | Chinese Drumming | "Millennial Kingdom, God's Purpose" 5:18
Full Praise | Latin Dance "Praise the Accomplishment of God's Work" | God, I Praise You 5:01
Praise and Bless God | The Kingdom Life Is Wonderful | Praise and Worship "Dance Around the Throne" 3:02
Face to Face With God | Modern Street Dance "The Holy Spiritual Body of Almighty God Has Appeared" 5:56
Glory to God | Praise Dance "Singing of the Millennial Kingdom Descending Among Men" 6:57