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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 18

Building the church is really not an easy thing to do! I put My whole heart into its construction, and Satan would do everything in its power to tear it down. If you want to be built, you must be a person who has a vision; you must live in reliance upon Me, bear witness to Christ, hold Him up on high, and be loyal to Me. You should not give excuses; rather, you should obey unconditionally. You must endure any trials and accept all that comes from Me. You must follow the Holy Spirit no matter how He leads you. You must have a keen spirit and the ability to distinguish things. You must understand people, and not blindly follow them; keep your spiritual eyes bright, and possess a thorough knowledge of all things. People who are of the same mind as I must stand witness to Me and fight the deciding battle against Satan. You must both be built and take part in the battle. I am amongst you; I support you, and I am your refuge.

The first things you must do are to purify yourself, become a changed person, and have a stable temperament. You must rely on Me in your life whether your environment is good or bad; whether you are at home or in any other setting, you must not falter because of someone else or because of some occurrence or issue. Moreover, you must stand firm and, as usual, live out Christ and manifest God Himself. You must perform your function and fulfill your duties as normal; this cannot be done just once, but must be sustained in the long term. You must take My heart as yours, My intentions must become your thoughts, you must take the bigger picture into consideration, you must allow Christ to emanate from you, and you must serve in coordination with others. You must keep pace with the work of the Holy Spirit and throw yourself into the method of His salvation. You must empty yourself, and become an innocent and open person. You must fellowship and engage normally with your brothers and sisters, be capable of doing things in spirit, love each other, allow their strengths to balance out your weaknesses, and seek to be built up within the church. Only then will you truly have a share in the kingdom.

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