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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 85

I make use of different people to achieve My will: My curses are realized on those whom I chastise and My blessings are realized on those whom I love. Who now encounters My blessings and who suffers My curses rests with one word of Mine and My utterance. You know that whoever I am good to now will certainly encounter My blessings at all times (meaning those who gradually come to know Me and are gradually more sure about Me, who have the new light and revelation and who can keep up with the pace of My work). Whoever I detest (this is something inside Me that people cannot tell from the outside) is someone who will surely suffer My curses, and they are one who is undoubtedly among the offspring of the great red dragon, so they will share in My cursing of the great red dragon. To those whom I cannot bear the sight of, whose quality I think is lacking and who cannot be perfected or used by Me, they will still have a chance to be saved and they will be one among My sons. If a person does not possess any of My quality, cannot understand spiritual matters and does not know Me, but has an ardent heart, then they will be designated as one of My people. I consider those who share in My curses to be beyond saving and they are those who have been possessed by evil spirits. I am anxious to kick them out. They are birthed by the great red dragon and I loathe them the most. From this point on I don’t need them to render service to Me—I just don’t want them! I don’t want any of them! Even their weeping and gnashing of teeth before Me has no effect, I don’t look at any of them, but kick them away—what things are you? Do you deserve to be before Me? Are you worthy? Still pretending to be good people and pretending to be humble! After doing innumerable bad things, can I spare you? And rising up before Me you start to defy Me again. You’ve never had any good intention and you just want to trick Me! Can you come good when you are the descendant of the great red dragon? Impossible! You have already been cursed by Me and I judge you utterly! Render service for Me wholeheartedly, honestly and in a disciplined way, and then go back to your bottomless pit! You want a share in My kingdom? You’re dreaming! Shameless! You, with the filthy and dirty body, are corrupted so much, yet you still have the nerve to stand before Me! Make way! If you delay anymore I will punish you severely! All those who engage in crookedness and deceits before Me must be exposed. Where can you hide? Where can you conceal yourselves? Can you escape My control no matter how much you dodge or hide? If you don’t render service for Me well then your life will be even shorter—you will be finished straight away!

I tell you clearly what kind of people are My firstborn sons and I give you precise verifications. If I didn’t, then you wouldn’t be able to take your proper places and would decide indiscriminately for yourselves what your places should be. Some would be too humble and some would be too arrogant, and those who do not possess My quality, or whose quality is too lacking would all want to be My firstborn sons. What expressions are made by those who are My firstborn sons? First, they focus on grasping My will, are considerate toward My will and at the same time they all have the Holy Spirit working on them; second, they persistently seek into the spirit, they are not debauched, they keep within My bounds at all times, are extremely normal, and these behaviors are no imitation (as they focus on sensing the work of the Holy Spirit and are considerate toward My love for them, they are cautious at all times and have a deep fear of having a heart that betrays Me or defies Me); third, they act wholeheartedly for Me, they are capable of offering up their whole beings, and they have already abolished any idea of their own future prospects, their life, what they eat, wear, use or where they live; fourth, they constantly have a heart that hungers and thirsts for righteousness, they believe they are so lacking and that their stature is too immature; fifth, they are those who I have mentioned before, being those who have a good reputation in the world but have been cast aside by worldly people, and who have moral integrity in their relationships with the opposite sex. These are all verifications, but I cannot now reveal them completely to you as My work has not yet reached that stage. Firstborn sons, remember! The life feelings within you, your reverence for Me, love for Me, knowledge of Me, seeking for Me, your faith—these things are all My love for you and they are all verifications I give to you, so that you may truly become My beloved sons and be the same as Me, eating together, living together, enjoying blessings together with Me in unparalleled glory.

I cannot show any lenience toward any who persecuted Me, those who had no knowledge of Me (including before My name was witnessed), who believed Me to be human, as well as those who blasphemed against Me and slandered Me in the past. Even if they bear the most resounding witness for Me right now, it still won’t do. Persecuting Me in the past was rendering service for Me and they are still My tools should they bear witness for Me today. Only those who are genuinely made perfect by Myself today are of use to Me, as I am the righteous God Himself, and I have come out from the flesh and detached Myself from all relationships that are of the earth. I am God Himself and all people, all matters, and all things that were around Me in the past are in My hands. I am without emotion and I practice righteousness with all things. I am upright, not contaminated with the slightest bit of filth. Do you understand the meaning of My words? Can you also achieve this? People think that I also have normal humanity, have a family and emotions, but do you know that you are completely wrong? I am God! Have you forgotten this? Are you confused? You still don’t know Me!

My righteousness has been completely revealed to you. Any way in which I deal with any kind of person reveals My righteousness and My majesty. Because I am the God Himself who brings wrath with Him, I will not let even one who has persecuted Me or reviled Me off the hook. Do you see this clearly, under this kind of strict requirement? Those whom I chose and predestined are like rare pearls or agate and are few and far between, as those who will reign as kings must certainly be a lot fewer than those who will be My people, and this reveals My power and My wondrous deeds. I often say I will reward you, bestow crowns upon you and within Me there is glory without end. What do I mean by reward, crown and glory? In people’s conceptions, rewards are material things, like food, clothes or things that can be used, but this is completely their old thinking; it is not what I mean but is an erroneous understanding. Rewards are things that are obtained right now and they are a part of grace. But there are also some that are related to carnal pleasures, and those who render service for Me but who are not saved can also attain some material enjoyment (though they are still material things that render service for Me). A crown is not a badge of office. That is to say, it is not a material thing that I give you for your enjoyment, but rather it is a new name that I bestow upon you, and whosoever is able to live up to your new name will be those who have gained a crown, which is gaining My blessings. Rewards and crowns are a part of blessings, but when compared with blessings, they are far less, like the difference between heaven and earth. Glory simply cannot be imagined in people’s conceptions, because glory is not a material thing, but is something that they conceive in extreme abstraction. So what exactly is glory? What does it mean to say that you will descend in glory together with Me? My entirety, that is, what I am and what I have—mercy and lovingkindness (to My sons), and righteousness, majesty, judgment, wrath, cursing and burning (to all people)—My person is glory. Why do I say that with Me there is glory without end? It is because with Me there is wisdom without end and incomparable abundance. Therefore, descending in glory with Me means that you have already been made complete by Me, you have what I am and what I have, you are completed by Me, you have a heart of reverence for Me and do not oppose Me; you should now understand, right?

The tense situation of all earthly nations has reached a peak, and they are all steadily preparing to render service for Me and to receive My burning. When My wrath and burning arrives there will have been no prior clue, yet I know what it is I do and I am absolutely clear about it. You should be certain about My words and you must make haste to get everything ready, and prepare to shepherd those who come seeking from abroad. Remember this! China—that is, every single person and place within China—suffers My curses; do you understand the meaning of My words?

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