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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 81

Oh, this evil and adulterous old age! I will swallow you up! Mount Zion! Arise to hail Me! For the completion of My management plan, for the successful completion of My great work, who dares to not rise up and cheer! Who dares to not rise up and leap in joy without ceasing! They will meet their deaths at My hand. I carry out righteousness on everybody, without a bit of compassion or lovingkindness, and dispassionately. All people! Rise to give praise, give glory to Me! All unending glory, from everlasting to everlasting, exists because of Me and was established by Me. Who would dare to take glory for himself? Who would dare to treat My glory as a material thing? They will be slain by My hand! Oh, cruel humans! I created you and provided for you, and I have led you until today, yet you know not the least about Me and you do not love Me at all. How can I show mercy for you again? How can I save you? I can only treat you with My wrath! I shall repay you with destruction, repay you with eternal chastisement. This is righteousness; it can only be this way.

My kingdom is solid and steady; it will never collapse, but it will exist into eternity! My sons, My firstborn sons, My people will enjoy blessings with Me forever and ever! Those who do not understand spiritual matters and who do not receive revelation from the Holy Spirit will be cut off from My kingdom sooner or later. They will not leave of their own accord, but will be forced out by the rule of My iron rod, by My majesty, and moreover, they will be kicked out by My foot. Those whom evil spirits previously possessed for a time (since birth) will all be revealed now. I will kick you out! Do you still remember what I have said? I—the holy and unblemished God—do not reside in a foul and filthy temple. Those who were possessed by evil spirits know for themselves, and I need not clarify. I have not predestined you! You are old Satan, yet you want to infiltrate My kingdom! Absolutely not! I’m telling you! Today I shall make it very clear for you: Those I chose at the creation of mankind, I have imbued with My quality and My disposition; therefore, today they are loyal to Me alone, they can bear a burden for the church, and they are willing to expend themselves for Me and offer up their whole beings to Me. Those whom I have not chosen have therefore been corrupted by Satan to a certain degree, and they possess none of My quality and none of My disposition. You think that My words are contradictory, but the words of “You are predestined and chosen by Me, yet you bear the consequences for your actions” all refer to Satan. Now I will explain one point: Today, those that can rise up and assume the authority of the churches, shepherd the churches, be considerate toward My burden, and possess special functions—none of these are in service of Christ. All are those whom I have predestined and chosen. I tell you this so that you do not overly worry and delay your life progress. How many can win the status of firstborn son? Could it be that this is something as easy as getting a diploma? Impossible! If I were not to perfect you, you would have long since been corrupted to a certain degree by Satan. This is why I have repeatedly emphasized that I shall always look after and protect those loyal to Me and prevent them from harm and suffering. Those I have not predestined are those whom evil spirits have possessed, those who are numb, dull-witted, and spiritually stunted and cannot shepherd the churches (meaning those with enthusiasm but who are unclear regarding visions). They should be quickly removed from My sight, and the sooner the better so that I do not become disgusted and angry by seeing you. If you get away quickly, you’ll receive less chastisement, but the longer you take the harsher the chastisement will be. Do you understand? Don’t be so shameless! You are debauched and unrestrained, casual and careless, not knowing at all what kind of trash you are! You are blind!

Those who hold power in My kingdom are all carefully chosen by Me and have undergone repeated tests; nobody can defeat them. I have given them strength, so they will never fall or go astray. They have gained My approval. From this day forward, the hypocrites will show their true colors, and they are capable of all sorts of shameful things, but ultimately they will not escape My hand that chastises and incinerates Satan. My temple will be holy and spotless. It is all a testimony to Me, a manifestation of Me, and glory to My name. It is My eternal abode and the object of My eternal love. I often caress it with the hand of love, console it with the language of love, care for it with eyes of love, and embrace it in the bosom of love, so it will not fall into the traps of evil ones or be deceived by Satan. Today, those who render service for Me but are not saved will be used by Me for the final time. Why do I hurry to cast out these things from My kingdom? Why must I drive them out from My sight? I hate them down to the marrow of My bones! Why do I not save them? Why do I detest them? Why must I strike them dead? Why must I destroy them? (Not one bit of them can remain in My sight, including their ashes.) Why? The great red dragon, the ancient serpent, and old Satan even seek to sponge in My kingdom! Think again! All of them will come to nothing, and will be turned to ashes!

I will destroy this age, change it to My kingdom, and live and enjoy with the people I love into eternity. Those unclean things should not think they can remain in My kingdom. Do you think you can fish in murky waters? Think again! You don’t know that everything is examined by My eyes! You don’t know that everything is arranged by My hands! Don’t think that you are so highly esteemed! Each one of you must take your proper place. Do not pretend to be humble (referring to those who are blessed) or shiver and be afraid (referring to those who suffer misfortune). Now, everybody should know for themselves inside their hearts. Even if I don’t mention your name you should still be sure, because I have directed My words at every individual. Regardless of whether you are My chosen or not, My words are directed at all of your current situations. That is to say, if you are among My chosen, then I speak of the state of those I have chosen based on your presentation; as for those who are not one of My chosen, I also speak according to their state. Therefore, My words have been spoken to a point. Each person should have a good sense of that. Do not deceive yourselves! Do not fear! Because the number of people is limited, only a scant few, deception will not work! Whoever I say is chosen is chosen and no matter how well you pretend, without My quality you will fail. Because I keep My word, I do not casually disrupt My own plans; I do whatever I want to do, because everything I do is correct, I am supreme, and I am unique. Are you clear on this? Do you understand?

Now, after reading My words, those who do evil and are crooked and deceitful also work hard to seek progress; their effort in seeking is subjective. They want to pay only a small price to worm their way into My kingdom. Think again! (These people have no hope because I have not given them the opportunity to repent.) I guard the gate to My kingdom. Do you believe that people can enter My kingdom as they wish? Do you believe that My kingdom will just accept any kind of junk? That My kingdom will take any kind of worthless trash? You are mistaken! Today, those in the kingdom are those who hold kingly power with Me; I have carefully cultivated them. This is not something that can be achieved just by wanting it—you must be approved by Me. And this is not something that is discussed with anyone, but it is something that I arrange Myself. Whatever I say goes. My mysteries are revealed to those whom I love. Those who do evil, that is, those whom I have not chosen, are not entitled to receive them. Even if they hear them, they will not understand, because Satan has covered their eyes and taken hold of their hearts, ruining their entire beings. Why is it said that My actions are amazing and wise, and that I mobilize everything in My service? I will hand over those who have not been predestined and chosen by Me to Satan to punish and corrupt them. I will take no action; this is how wise I am! Who has ever thought of this? Without any effort at all, My great work has been accomplished, has it not?

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