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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 11

Am I your God? Am I your King? Have you truly allowed Me to reign as King inside you? You should thoroughly reflect on yourself. Did you not scrutinize and refuse the new light and even go so far as to stop without following it as it came? For this you shall undergo judgment and fall to your doom, you will be judged and flogged by the iron rod and you will not feel the work of the Holy Spirit. You will quickly cry and bend your knees in worship all while wailing. I have always told you and I have always said to you and I have told you everything. Think carefully back on it, when have I ever failed to tell you something? Nonetheless, there are some people who persist in doing things the wrong way. They are lost in a haze of doubts that blocks the sun and they never see the light. Isn’t this because their will of “the self” is too strong or their own notions are too great? How can you see Me in your eyes? How can you have room for Me in your heart? When you have failed, when you are incapable, and when you are out of options, only then do you pray to Me. Well, why don’t you do things on your own now? You people! It is your old selves that have ruined you!

Some people cannot find the road, and they cannot keep up with the new light. They fellowship only about what they have seen before, there is nothing new for them. Why is that? You live inside yourselves and have shut the door on Me. You see the method of the work of the Holy Spirit change, but you are always so cautious about being wrong; how can you truly revere God? Have you sought it in the quiet of God’s presence? You just ponder: “Does the Holy Spirit really work like that?” Some people have witnessed that it is the work of the Holy Spirit, yet they still have things to say about it. Some people admit that it is the word of God, but they do not accept it. Different conceptions swarm about each of them, and they do not understand the work of the Holy Spirit, being remiss and careless, unwilling to pay the cost and be earnest in My presence. The Holy Spirit has enlightened them, but they won’t come before Me to commune and seek Me out. Instead, they follow their own desires, doing whatever they please; what is their intention?

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