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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 5

Mountains and rivers are subject to change, flowing waters take their course, and man’s life is far from being able to endure like the earth and sky. Only Almighty God is the eternal resurrected life, which goes on, generation after generation, forever! All things and all events are in His hands, and Satan is under His foot.

Today it is due to God’s predestined selection that He has saved us from Satan’s grip. He is truly our Redeemer. The eternal resurrected life of Christ has indeed been wrought inside us, destining us to connect with God’s life, that we may indeed be able to meet Him face to face, eat Him, drink Him, and enjoy Him. This is the selfless offering that God has made by paying the price with His heart’s blood.

As the seasons come and go, passing through wind and frost, meeting with how many of life’s sufferings, persecutions, and tribulations, how many of the world’s repudiations and calumnies, how many false accusations from the government, and yet neither God’s faith nor His resolve is diminished in the least. Wholeheartedly dedicated to God’s will, and to God’s management and plan, that they may be accomplished, He sets His own life aside. For all the multitudes of His people, He spares no pains, carefully feeding and watering. No matter how benighted we are, or how difficult we are, all we need do is to submit before Him, and the resurrected life of Christ will change our old nature…. For all these firstborn sons, He labors tirelessly, forgoing food and rest. How many days and nights, through how much scorching heat and freezing cold, He watches wholeheartedly in Zion.

The world, home, work and all, totally forgone, gladly, willingly, and worldly enjoyments have nothing to do with Him…. The words from His mouth strike into us, exposing things hidden deep in our hearts. How can we not be convinced? Every sentence that comes out of His mouth may come true in us at any time. Whatever we do, in His presence or hidden away from Him, there is nothing He does not know, nothing He does not understand, but all will actually appear before Him, despite our own plans and arrangements.

Sitting before Him, enjoying within our spirit, at ease and calm, yet constantly feeling empty inside and truly indebted to God: This is a wonder unimaginable and impossible to achieve. The Holy Spirit is sufficient to prove that Almighty God is the one true God! It is proof incontrovertible! This group of us is indescribably blessed! If not for God’s grace and mercy, we can only go to perdition and follow Satan. Only Almighty God can save us!

Ah! Almighty God, the practical God! It is You who have opened our spiritual eyes, allowing us to behold the mysteries of the spiritual world. The prospects of the kingdom are boundless. Let us be watchful as we wait. The day cannot be too far off.

The flames of war swirl around, smoke from cannon fire fills the air, the weather turns warm, the climate shifts, a plague will spread, and people can only die, with no hope of survival.

Ah! Almighty God, the practical God! You are our impregnable fortress. You are our refuge. We huddle under Your wings, and calamity cannot reach us. Such is Your divine protection and care.

We all raise our voices in song, we sing in praise, and the sounds of our praise ring throughout Zion! Almighty God, the practical God, has prepared for us that glorious destination. Be watchful—oh, be on the watch! As yet the hour is not too late.

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