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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 47

In order to cause humanity’s life to mature, and so that humanity and I can achieve results with a common ideal, I have always made allowances for humans, allowing them to gain nourishment and sustenance from My word and to receive all of My abundance. I have never given humanity cause for embarrassment, but humans never consider My feelings. This is because humans are unfeeling and “despise” all things apart from Me. Due to their shortcomings, I quite sympathize with them; I therefore have put forth more than a little effort into humans so that they may enjoy, to their hearts’ content, all the earth’s abundance during their time in the world. I do not treat people unfairly, and out of consideration for their having followed Me for many years, My heart has softened for them. It is as if I cannot bear to carry out My work on these humans. Thus, seeing these scrawny people who love Me as they love themselves, in My heart there is always an inexplicable feeling of pain, but who would break convention because of this? Who would disturb oneself because of this? Nonetheless, I have bestowed all of My bounty upon humankind so that they may enjoy it to the fullest, and I have not mistreated humans on this issue. This is why humanity still sees My compassionate and benevolent face. I have always been patient, and have always been waiting. When humans have had enough enjoyment and become bored, at that time I shall begin to “satisfy” their requests and allow all humans to escape their empty lives, and afterward will never have dealings with people again. On earth, I have used seawater to swallow up humanity, controlled them with famine, threatened them with plagues of insects, and used heavy rains to “water” them, but they have never felt the emptiness of life. Even now, people still do not understand the significance of living on earth. Could it be that living in My presence is the most profound significance of human life? Does being within Me allow one to escape the threat of disaster? How many fleshly bodies on earth have lived in a state of freedom of self-enjoyment? Who has escaped the emptiness of living in the flesh? Yet who can recognize this? Ever since I created humanity, no one has been able to live a life of most significance on earth, and so humanity has always idled away a life of utter insignificance. None, however, is willing to escape this sort of predicament, and none is willing to shun this empty and weary life. In humanity’s experience, none of those who live in the flesh has escaped the customs of the human world, even though they capitalize on enjoying Me. Instead, they have always just let nature take its course and continued to deceive themselves.

When I have fully ended humanity’s existence, there will be no one left on earth to endure its “persecution”; only then can My great work be said to have been thoroughly accomplished. In the last days when I am incarnate, the work I wish to accomplish is to make people understand the emptiness of living in the flesh, and I shall use this occasion to extinguish the flesh. From then on, no humans will exist on earth, no one will ever again cry about the emptiness of the earth, no one will ever speak again of the difficulties of the flesh, no one will ever complain again that I am unfair, and all people and things will enter into rest. Thereafter, humans will no longer be rushing about, constantly busy, nor will they search here and there on earth, for they will have found a suitable destination for themselves. At that time, smiles will appear upon all their faces. I will then ask nothing more of humanity, and will have no further dispute with them; there will be no more peace treaty between us. I exist upon the earth and humans live upon the earth; I live and reside with them. They all feel the enjoyment of My presence, so are unwilling to leave without reason, and instead, would rather that I just stay for a little longer. How can I stand to witness the desolation of the earth without lifting a finger to help? I am not of the earth; it is through patience that I have forced Myself to remain here to this day. Were it not for humanity’s endless supplications, I would have left long ago. Nowadays people can take care of themselves, and they do not need My assistance because they have matured and do not need Me to feed them. Therefore I am planning to hold a “victory celebration” with humanity, after which I shall bid them farewell, so that they will not be unaware. Of course, parting on bad terms would not be a good thing because there is no rancor between us. Thus, the friendship between us shall be everlasting. I hope that after we part ways, humans can carry on My “inheritance,” and not forget about the teachings I have provided during My life, not do anything that would bring disgrace to My name, and keep My word in mind. I hope humans can all try their best to satisfy Me after I have left, use My word as a foundation for their lives, and not fail to live up to My hopes, for My heart has always been concerned with humans and I have always been attached to them. Humanity and I once gathered together, and we enjoyed on earth the same blessings that are in heaven. I lived together with humans and resided with them; humans always loved Me, and I always loved them. We had an affinity for one another. Looking back on My time together with humans, I remember our days being filled with laughter and joy, and there also were quarrels. Nonetheless, the love between us was established on this basis, and our dealings with one another were never severed. Amidst our many years of contact, humanity has left a profound impression upon Me, and I have also given humans a great many things to enjoy, for which they have always been doubly grateful. Now, our gatherings will never be the same as before; who can run away from this moment of our parting? Humans have a deep affection for Me, and I have endless love for them—but what can be done about that? Who would dare to go against the requirements of the heavenly Father? I will return to My abode, where I will complete another part of My work. Perhaps we will have a chance to meet again. It is My hope that humans will not feel overly sorrowful, and that they will satisfy Me on earth; My Spirit in heaven shall often confer grace upon them.

Since the time of creation, I have prophesied that in the last days I shall make a group of people who are of one mind with Me. I have foretold that after establishing an exemplar on earth in the last days, I will return to My abode. When all of humanity has satisfied Me, they will have achieved what I have asked of them, and I will no longer require them to do anything. Instead, humans and I will trade stories about the old days, and after that we shall part company. I have begun this work, and have allowed humans to prepare themselves psychologically. I will let all of humanity understand My intentions so that they will not misunderstand, thinking that I am cruel or heartless, which is not My intent. Do humans love Me yet refuse to allow Me a suitable resting place? Are they unwilling to beseech the heavenly Father on My behalf? Have humans not shed tears of sympathy with Me? Have they not helped in achieving a reunion between Us, the Father and Son, soon? Why, then, are they unwilling now? My ministry upon the earth has been fulfilled, and after parting ways with humanity, I will still continue to assist them; is this not good? In order for My work to achieve better results, and so that it will be mutually beneficial, we must part ways, despite it being painful to do. Let our tears fall in silence; I will no longer reproach humanity. In the past, I have said many things to people, all of which have pricked their very hearts, causing them to shed tears of grief. For that, I hereby apologize to humanity and ask for their forgiveness. I ask that they not hate Me, for this is all for their own good. Therefore, I hope that humans will understand My heart. In former times, we had our disputes, but looking back, we both benefited. Because of these disputes, God and humanity have built a bridge of friendship between them. Is that not the fruit of our collaborative efforts? We should all enjoy this. I ask humans to forgive My previous “mistakes,” and their transgressions shall also be forgotten. As long as they are able to give Me a love in return in the future, that will give comfort to My Spirit in heaven. I do not know what humanity’s resolution is in this regard, whether or not people are willing to satisfy Me in My final request. I am not asking anything else of them—only that they love Me; that is enough. Can this be achieved? Let all the unpleasant things that happened between us be in the past; let there always be love between us. I have given humans so much love, and they have paid such a heavy cost to love Me. Thus, I hope that humanity treasures the singular and pure love between us so that our love will extend all over the human world and be passed down forever. When we meet again, let us still be linked in love so that our love may continue on for eternity and be praised and told by all people. This would satisfy Me, and I would show My smiling face to humanity. I hope that humans will remember My exhortations.

June 1, 1992

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