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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 92

Every single person can see My almightiness and My wisdom within the words I speak and the things I do. Wherever I go, My work is there. My footsteps are not only in China but, more importantly, they are in all nations of the world. The first to receive this name, however, are only the seven nations that have been spoken of before, as these are the steps of My work, and in the near future you will become completely clear about it and will understand it thoroughly. If I tell you now, I fear the majority will therefore fall down, as I have said before that I speak to you and utter My voice in accordance with your statures, and everything I do has within it My unending wisdom that no one can fathom; I can only tell you about it a little at a time. Know this! You are forever children in My eyes; with every step you take you must be led by Me and instructed by Me. People, only under My guidance can you live through your entire lives, otherwise no one would be able to go on living. The entire universe world is in My hands, but you don’t see Me bustling around. On the contrary, I am relaxed and happy. People don’t know My almightiness and they all desire to feel anxious for Me—how little you know yourselves! You still show off your garbage before Me, admiring yourselves! I saw through this long ago. And you engage in tricks before Me, you contemptible wretches! Get out of My house right now! I don’t want things like you. I would rather have no one in My kingdom at all, than want your kind of contemptible wretches! Did you know that I am already not working on you? Despite the fact that you are still now eating and dressing as usual! But did you know that you are living for Satan? That you are rendering service for Satan? Yet you still have the nerve to stand before Me! You are so shameless!

Before, I often said, “The great disasters will soon befall; the great disasters have already fallen from My hands.” What does “great disasters” refer to, and how should this “fallen” be explained? You think that these great disasters refer to inescapable disasters that injure man’s spirit, soul and body, and you think that the “earthquakes, famines and plagues” that I speak of are these great disasters. But what you don’t know is that you have misinterpreted My words. And you think that this “fallen” means that the great disasters have begun; this is laughable! You actually comprehend it in this way, and after I hear your explanation I get really angry. The mystery that people have been unable to unravel (the most secret mystery) is also the mystery that has been most severely misinterpreted throughout the ages. Furthermore, this mystery is something no one has ever experienced before (as this mystery is brought to bear only in the last days, and only in the final age can man see it but they do not know it) because I seal it most tightly and man cannot penetrate it at all (they cannot even see the smallest part of it). Now that My work has continued to this stage, I inspire you in accordance with the needs of My work, otherwise you would have no way to understand. Now I begin fellowship and everyone should pay attention, otherwise whoever is incautious, including My firstborn sons, will suffer My judgment, and in the most serious cases they shall be struck down by My hand (meaning that their spirit, soul and body shall be taken). The great disasters are spoken in relation to every one of the administrative decrees of My kingdom, and every one of My administrative decrees is a part of the great disasters. (My administrative decrees have not been entirely disclosed to you, but don’t get worried or anxious about this; there are some things that will bring you small benefit should you come to know them too early. Remember this! I am a wise God.) So what is the other part? The great disasters contain two parts: My administrative decrees and My wrath. The time the great disasters fall will also be the time that I begin to flare up in anger and enforce My administrative decrees. Here I tell My firstborn sons: You must be sure not to degenerate due to this. Have you forgotten that all things and all matters are predestined by Me? My son, have no fear! I shall surely protect you, you shall enjoy good blessings with Me forever, and shall be together with Me for eternity. Because you are My loved ones, I will not forsake you; because I don’t do foolish things, if I tore down the thing that has been completed with difficulty, would I not be shooting Myself in the foot? I know what it is you think in your heart. Have you remembered? What else would you have Me say? I will talk more about the great disasters. The time when the great disasters befall will be the most frightening time and they will most reveal the ugliness of man. All manner of demonic visages will be exposed in the light of My face and they will have nowhere to hide, nowhere to find cover; they shall be utterly exposed. The outcome of the great disasters will be to make all those who are not My chosen or predestined kneel before Me and beg for forgiveness, with weeping and gnashing of teeth. This is My judgment of Satan, My wrathful judgment. I am currently engaged in doing this work and maybe there are some people who wish to pretend to have qualifications and bluff their way through, but the more they are like this the more Satan will work on them, until they reach a point where their original forms are revealed.

I am in no rush to do My work, and I orchestrate every single person Myself (this satirizes them and proves they are the descendants of the great red dragon and I pay no attention to them, so it is not excessive to use “orchestrate”), and do every deed Myself. Everything succeeds with Me, and it is a safe and secure success; everything I do, step by step, is already arranged. I tell you My will and of My burden a little at a time. From this point on, My words begin to appear to all nations and all peoples. Because My firstborn sons are made complete already (the focus of My words are on My sons and My people), the way in which I work has begun to change again. Do you see this clearly? Have you felt the tone of My words these past few days? I comfort My firstborn sons every step of the way, but from now on (because My firstborn sons are already made complete) I carry a knife in My hand (being the sternest words). Whosoever I momentarily look unfavorably upon (meaning those who have not been predestined or chosen, thereby being no contradiction), I do not care if they render service for Me, or if they are something else, I will scrap them immediately. I am the almighty God and I can make all people render service to Me. I am not reluctant to part with that type of person at all; if I say I don’t want them then I don’t want them. Now that this time has come, I only need to see someone who displeases Me and I will immediately discard them without investigation. Because I am the God who is as good as His word. To those whom I have predestined to be in My service, no matter how good you are and whether you have done anything that defies Me or not, if you displease Me then I will kick you out. I fear no future trouble. I have My administrative decrees, I am as good as My word and My word shall be accomplished. Could I keep Satan? Hear Me, you people! You don’t need to be afraid; you must get out whenever I ask you to get out. Don’t give excuses to Me as I have no words to say to you! Because I have exercised such patience, and the time to enforce My administrative decrees has arrived and your last day is also here. For thousands of years you were debauched and always did things in a headstrong, willful way, but I was always tolerant (as I am magnanimous and I allow your corruption to get to a certain extent). But now the end date of My lenience has arrived and the time has come for you to be possessed and cast into the lake of fire and brimstone. Make haste and get out the way. I begin to formally enforce My judgment and to release My wrath.

In all nations and all places of the world, earthquakes, famines, plagues, all manner of disasters occur frequently. As I do My great work in all nations and all places, these disasters will arise more severely than at any other time since the creation of the world. This is the beginning of My judgment of all peoples; but My sons can rest easy, no disaster will come upon you, and I will protect you (meaning that you will afterward live in the body, but not in the flesh, so will not suffer the pain of any disaster). You will just be together with Me reigning as kings and judging all nations and all peoples, enjoying good blessings with Me forever at the ends of the universe. These words will all be fulfilled and they will soon be achieved before your very eyes. I delay not even a single hour or a single day, I do things incredibly quickly. Don’t get worried or anxious, and the blessing I give you is something no one can take away from you—this is My administrative decree. All people will be obedient to Me because of My deeds; not only will they cheer and cheer, but even more so they will leap and leap for joy.

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