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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 118

Whosoever rises up to bear witness for My Son, I shall bestow grace upon them; whosoever does not rise up to bear witness for My Son, but instead resists and uses the conceptions of man to take His measure, I shall destroy them. All must see clearly! Bearing witness for My Son is an act of reverence for Me and it satisfies My will. Do not only respect the Father but bully and oppress the Son. Those who do that are the descendants of the great red dragon and I don’t need scum like this to bear witness for My Son; I shall destroy them in the bottomless pit. I want the loyal and honest service-doers to render service to My Son, and I don’t need any of the rest. This is My righteous disposition and it serves to show that I am the holy and unblemished God Himself. I will not forgive anyone who offends My administrative decrees. Whoever defied You or persecuted You in the past, whether in the family or in the world, I shall chastise them one by one and no one shall be let off, for there is no part of Me that is of flesh and blood. Bearing witness for You today shows that those service-doers have finished rendering service for Me, so do not have any scruples whatsoever and have no concerns. They are Your service-doers after all and when all is said and done You are of heaven, and You will return to My body in the end, for My body cannot be without You. Those who defied You and who were not compatible with You in the past (this is something others cannot see, but only You know it in Your heart) have now revealed their original forms and have fallen, for You are God Himself and You shall not tolerate anyone to defy You or offend You. Though it cannot be seen at all from the outside, My Spirit is within You and this is beyond question. All people must believe it, lest My iron rod strike down all those who defy Me! Since I bear witness for You, You surely carry authority, and everything You say is My expression, everything You do is My manifestation, for You are My beloved and You are a part that My person cannot be without. So Your every action, what You wear, what You use, and where You live—they are surely also My deeds. No one must try to find something against You or find faults with You, or I shall not forgive them!

I shall cast all evil servants out from My house, and within My house I shall make all loyal servants bear witness for My firstborn sons; this is My plan and it is the way in which I work. When evil servants bear witness for My Son it smells like the dead and I detest it. When loyal servants bear witness for My Son it is earnest and sincere, and it is acceptable to Me. So, whoever is unwilling to bear witness for My Son, get out of here right now! I won’t force you. If I ask you to leave then you must leave! Look at what the consequences for you are and what awaits you, and this the ones who render service understand more than anyone else. My judgment, My wrath, My curses, My burning and My raging fury will at any time befall any who defy Me. My hand shows no mercy to anyone; no matter how loyal one who renders service was before, if they defy My Son today then I shall destroy them immediately and I shall not keep them before Me. From this one can see My unmerciful hand. Because people don’t know Me and their natures defy Me, even those who are loyal to Me are for their own pleasure. But if something happens that brings them to grief, their hearts change at once and they want to retreat from My side. This is the nature of Satan. You mustn’t be opinionated, believing yourselves to be loyal! If there is nothing in it for them, this herd of beasts are simply incapable of being loyal to Me. If I did not proclaim My administrative decrees, you would have retreated long ago. You are all now caught between the frying pan and the fire, unwilling to render service for Me but unwilling to be struck down by My hand. If I did not proclaim that the great disasters will befall any who defy Me at any time, you would have retreated long ago. Do I not know how narrow-minded people can be? Most people now harbor a small hope, but when that hope turns to disappointment they become unwilling to go any further and ask to turn back. I have said before that I don’t keep anyone here against their will, but take care to think about what the consequences will be for you, and this is a fact, it is not Me threatening you. No one can fathom the nature of man except Me, and they all think that they are loyal to Me, not knowing that their loyalty is impure. These impurities will ruin people for they are a scheme of the great red dragon. It was long ago laid bare by Me; I am the almighty God, and would I not understand something so simple? I am able to penetrate your blood and your flesh to see your intentions. It is not hard for Me to fathom man’s nature, but people try to be smart alecks, thinking that no one but themselves knows their intentions. Don’t they know that the almighty God exists within the heavens and earth and all things?

I will love My Son to the very end and I will hate the great red dragon and Satan forever and ever. My chastisement will befall all those who defy Me and not one enemy will be let off. I have said before, “I lay in Zion a big stone. To believers, this stone is the foundation of their construction. To those that do not believe, this is a rock that stumbles them. To the sons of the devil, this is the stone that crushes them to death.” Not only have I spoken these words before, but they have been prophesied by many people and many people have read them in this age. Furthermore, some people have tried to explain these words, but no one has ever unraveled this mystery before, because this work is only done during the current time of the last days. So, even though some people have tried to explain these words their explanations are all fallacies. Today, I reveal the whole meaning to you so that you may know the seriousness of My bearing witness for My firstborn sons, and My purpose in doing so. I lay in Zion a big stone and this stone refers to My firstborn sons being borne witness to. The word “big” does not mean that this bearing witness is done on some gigantic scale, but rather that in bearing witness for My firstborn sons, a great many service-doers will retreat. Here, “those that do not believe” refer to those who retreat because My Son is borne witness to, therefore the stone is a stumbling rock to this kind of person. I say it is a rock because this kind of person will be struck down by My hand, therefore the rock that causes people to stumble is not said in relation to falling or becoming weak, but is said in relation to being struck down by My hand. The “believers” in “To believers, this stone is the foundation of their construction” refer to those service-doers who are loyal, and “foundation of their construction” refers to the grace and blessings that they will receive after they have rendered loyal service to Me. That the firstborn sons have been borne witness to indicates that this entire old era will soon pass away, and it symbolizes the destruction of the kingdom of Satan; therefore, for the Gentiles it is the rock that crushes them to death. So shattering all nations to pieces refers to the complete renewal of the entire world; the old will pass away and the new shall be established—this is the true meaning of “shattering.” Do you understand? The work I do in this last stage can be summarized just with these few words. This is My wondrous deed and you should grasp My will within My words.

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