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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 115

My heart will greatly rejoice for you, I will dance with joy for you, and I will give you endless blessings, because before creation you came from Me, and today you must return to My side, for you are not of the world or of the earth but, rather, you are of Me. I will love you forever, I will bless you forever and I will protect you forever. Only those who have come from Me know My will, and only they will show consideration to My burden and do what I want to do. Now, everything has already been accomplished. My heart is like a ball of fire, yearning for My beloved sons to be reunited with Me soon, yearning for My person to completely return to Zion soon. You have some understanding of this. Although we cannot often follow each other in spirit, we can often accompany one another in spirit and meet in the flesh. The Father and the sons are forever inseparable, they are intimately connected. No one can take you away from My side until the day of the return to Mount Zion. I love all the firstborn sons who come from Me and I hate all the enemies who oppose Me. I will bring those I love back to Zion and cast those I hate into Hades, into hell. This is the main principle of all of My administrative decrees. Everything which My firstborn sons say or do is an expression of My Spirit. Everyone must bear testimony to My firstborn sons with a clear understanding of it. This is the next step of My work, if anyone resists, I will ask My beloved sons to sort them out. It is different now. If those I love speak a word of judgment, Satan will immediately die in Hades because I have already handed authority over to My firstborn sons. This is to say that from now on, it is time for My firstborn sons and Me to rule together. (This is in the phase of the flesh, which is slightly different to ruling together in the body.) Anyone who disobeys in thought will suffer the same fate as those who resist Me Myself. My firstborn sons should be treated as I am treated because we are of one body and can never be separated. Today My firstborn sons should be borne testimony to as I was borne testimony to in the past. This is one of My administrative decrees; everyone must stand up and bear testimony.

My kingdom extends to the ends of the earth, My firstborn sons travel to the ends of the earth with Me. There are many things I speak of which you do not understand because of the hindrances of your flesh, so the majority of the work must be done after returning to Zion. It can be seen from My words that this is not far off, it is about to happen. So I am constantly speaking of Zion and matters in Zion. Do you know what the purpose of My words is? Do you know what is in My heart? My heart yearns to return to Zion soon, to end the entire old age, to end our life on earth (because I abhor earthly people, matters, things, and hate the life in the flesh even more, and the hindrances of the flesh are great and everything will only become prosperous upon returning to Zion), and to recover our life in the kingdom. The purpose of My first incarnation was to lay the foundation for My second incarnation. This was the path which had to be traveled. Only by completely giving Myself over to Satan, could I redeem you into My body during the final stage. (If not through My first incarnation, I would not have been able to be glorified, I would not have been able to take back the sin offering, so you would have come into the world as sinners.) Because I have infinite wisdom, since I led you out of Zion, I will be sure to bring you back to Zion. Satan’s attempts to block the way will not be successful because My great work was accomplished long ago. My firstborn sons are the same as Me, they are holy and immaculate and so I will still return to Zion with My firstborn sons and we will never be apart.

My entire management plan is gradually revealed to you. I have started to carry out My work in all nations and among all peoples. This is enough to prove that the time when I return to Zion is not too far away because carrying out My work in all nations and among all peoples is something which will be done after the return to Zion. My pace is getting faster and faster. (Because the day when I will return to Zion is approaching, I want to finish My work on earth before I return.) I am becoming more and more busy with My work and yet there is less and less work on earth for Me to do, almost none at all. (My busyness is directed toward the work in the Spirit, which cannot be seen by man with the naked eye but can only be gleaned from My words; I am not busy as it is to be busy in the flesh but there are many tasks which I have arranged.) This is because, as I have said, My work on earth has already been thoroughly completed and the rest of My work must wait until I return to Zion. (The reason why I must return to Zion to work is because the future work cannot be accomplished in the flesh and if this work is done in the flesh it will bring dishonor to My name.) When I defeat My enemies and return to Zion, life will be more beautiful and peaceful than life before the ages. (This is because I have completely overcome the world, and thanks to My first incarnation and My second incarnation I have been completely glorified. In My first incarnation, I was only partly glorified but, in My second incarnation, My person is completely glorified, and so there are no longer any opportunities for Satan to exploit. Therefore, the future life in Zion will be even more beautiful and peaceful.) My person will appear even more gloriously in front of the world and Satan to humiliate the great red dragon, this is the core of all My wisdom. The more I speak of external things, the more you are able to understand; the more I speak of things of Zion that humans cannot see, the more empty you will think these things are and the more difficult it will be for you to imagine them, and you will think that I am telling fairy tales. However, you must be watchful; there are no empty words in My mouth, the words which come from My mouth are trustworthy. Although it is difficult to understand them from your way of thinking, this is absolutely true. (Because of the limitations of the flesh, humans are unable to completely and thoroughly understand what I say, and many of the things which I have said I have not completely revealed, but when we return to Zion, I will not need to explain, you will naturally understand.) This should be taken seriously.

Although humans have limitations of the flesh and the conception, I still want to improve your mortal thinking and fight back against your conceptions through the revealed mysteries because I have said many times that this is a step of My work (this work will not stop until the entry into Zion). There is a Mount Zion in the mind of every person and it is different for everyone. Since I keep mentioning Mount Zion, I will tell you the general information about it so that you can know a little of it. Being on Mount Zion is to return to the spiritual world. Although it refers to the spiritual world, it is not a place that humans can’t see and touch; this applies to the body. It is not absolutely invisible or intangible because when the body appears it has a form and shape but when the body does not appear it has no form or shape. On Mount Zion, there will be no concerns about food, clothes, everyday needs and shelter, nor will there be marriage or family and there will be no division of gender (all those who are on Mount Zion are My person, are in one body, so there is no marriage, family or division of gender), and everything which My person speaks of will be realized. When people are not on guard, My person will appear among them and when people are not paying attention, My person will disappear. (Flesh-and-blood people cannot achieve this, so it is difficult for you to imagine now.) In the future there will still be a sun, a moon and a physical heaven and earth, but because My person will be in Zion, there will be no scorching of the sun or daytime and no suffering from natural disasters. When I said that we will not need lamplight or sunlight because God will give us light, I was talking about being in Zion. According to the conception of humans, everything in the universe must be eliminated and people all live in My light. They think this is the real meaning of “we will not need lamplight or sunlight because God will give us light,” but it is an incorrect interpretation of it. When I said “every month, the tree will bear twelve manner of fruits,” I was referring to the matters in Zion. This sentence represents everything about life in Zion. In Zion, time will not be limited and there will be no limitations of geography and space. That is why I said “every month.” “Twelve manner of fruits” does not represent the behavior you are living out today, it refers to the life of freedom in Zion. These words are a generalization of life in Zion. From this one can see that life in Zion will be rich and varied (because “twelve” refers to fullness here). It will be a life without grief and tears, there will be no exploitation or oppression so all will be emancipated and free. This is because everything exists within My person, no one can separate them, and everything will be a scene of beauty and eternal newness. It will be a time when everything is ready, it will be the beginning of our life after our return to Zion.

Although My work on earth has been thoroughly completed, I still need My firstborn sons to work on earth, so I cannot return to Zion yet. I cannot return to Zion alone, I will return to Zion together with My firstborn sons after they have finished their work on earth. This way, it can be called to gain glory together, this will be the complete manifestation of My person. (I say that the work of My firstborn sons on earth is not yet complete because My firstborn sons have not yet been made manifest. This work must be done by the loyal and honest service-doers.)

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