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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 110

When everything is revealed will be when I rest, and even more, it will be the time that everything is in order. I personally do My own work; I orchestrate everything and arrange everything Myself. When I come out from Zion and when I return, when My firstborn sons have been made complete by Me, I will have completed My great work. In people’s notions something that is done must be able to be seen and touched, but the way I see it, everything is complete at the time I make My plan. Zion is where I live and it is My destination; it is there that I reveal My almightiness, and it is there that My firstborn sons and I will share our family happiness. It is where I will live with them for all of eternity. Zion, a beautiful place; Zion, a place that people long for; countless people have aspired to it over the ages, but from the beginning, not a single person has entered into Zion. (Not even any of the saints and prophets from ages past. This is because I am selecting My firstborn sons in the last days, and they are all being born during this time; and through this My mercy and My grace that I have spoken of are more apparent.) Every single person who is now a firstborn son will enter into Zion with Me and enjoy that blessing. I am elevating My firstborn sons to a certain extent because they have My caliber and My glorious image and they are able to bear witness for Me as well as glorify Me and live out Me. Even more, they are able to defeat Satan and humiliate the great red dragon. And it is because My firstborn sons are pure virgins; they are what I love, and the ones I have selected and favored. The reason why I elevate them is because they can stand in their own position and are able to humbly and quietly serve Me and bear powerful witnesses for Me. I have expended all of My energy on My firstborn sons and I have carefully arranged all kinds of people, events, and things for their service. In the end I will have everyone see My full glory from My firstborn sons, and I will have everyone fully convinced of Me because of My firstborn sons. I will not force any demon, and I am not afraid of them running rampant or their recklessness because I have witnesses, and I have authority in My hands. Listen up, people of Satan’s ilk! Every word that I say and everything that I do are all to perfect My firstborn sons, so you must listen to My command and obey My firstborn sons, otherwise I will show you—I will have you suffer perdition immediately! My firstborn sons have already begun carrying out My administrative decrees because only they are worthy of holding up My throne, and I have already anointed them. Anyone who does not obey My firstborn sons is certainly no good. Without a doubt they have been dispatched by the great red dragon to upset My management plan, and that kind of scoundrel shall be pushed out of My house immediately. I do not want that kind of thing to do service for Me—it will face eternal destruction, and it will face it very soon, without delay! Those who are in service of Me must have already received My approval; they must be obedient and pay no mind to the price they pay. If they are rebellious then they are not worthy of rendering service to Me and I do not need a creature like that. They shall rush away—I absolutely do not want them! You must be clear on this now! Those who do service for Me must do it well and not cause problems. If you feel you have no hope and start causing problems—I will finish you right away! Are you who are doing service for Me clear on that? This is My administrative decree.

Bearing witness for Me is the duty of My firstborn sons, so I do not require you to do anything for Me—all I require is that you perform your duty properly and enjoy the blessings that I bestow upon you for My heart to be satisfied. When I traveled across the ends of the universe, I selected and made My firstborn sons complete. This is something that I completed before I created the world; no one among mankind knows that, but My work was achieved in quietness. That’s not in line with human notions! But facts are facts and no one can change them. Demons both great and small have revealed their true forms from their pretensions, and they have been subject to My chastisement to varying degrees. There are steps to My work and there is wisdom in My words. Have you seen anything from what I say and do? Is it just doing things and saying things? Are My words just harsh, or judging, or comforting? That is too simplistic, but for mankind, seeing that is anything but simple. There is not only wisdom, judgment, righteousness, majesty, and comfort in My words, but even more it holds what I have and what I am. Every single one of My words is a mystery that cannot be revealed by mankind. My words are utterly inscrutable, and although the mysteries have been revealed, based on mankind’s abilities they are still outside their scope of imagination and understanding. The easiest word for Me to understand is the most difficult thing for people to understand, so the difference between Me and man is the difference between heaven and earth. This is why I want to completely change the forms of My firstborn sons and have them entirely enter into the body. In the future, not only will they enter into the body from the flesh, but they will change their forms within the body to varying degrees. This is My plan. This is something that humans cannot do—they absolutely have no way of doing that—so now even if I told you in detail, you still wouldn’t understand. You can only enter into a sense of the supernatural. This is because I am the wise God Himself.

When you see mysteries you all have a bit of a reaction. Even though you don’t accept or acknowledge them in your hearts, you acknowledge them with your words. This kind of person is most deceitful, and when I reveal mysteries, I will eliminate and forsake them one by one. But everything I do is in steps. I do not do things hastily or blindly come to a conclusion; this is because I have a divine disposition. People are absolutely unable to see clearly what I am currently doing, what I will do in My next step. Only when I speak of My method of working in the next step will people be able to follow Me and take one step forward. Everything happens within My words, everything is revealed within My words, so no one should be impatient—rendering service to Me properly is enough. Before the ages I made a prophecy about a fig tree, but over the ages no one had seen a fig tree and no one could explain it, and even though this phrase was mentioned in earlier praises, no one knew its true meaning. This phrase confused people just like “the great catastrophe,” and it was a mystery that I never unveiled to mankind. People thought that a fig tree was probably a type of good fruit tree, or that maybe it further referred to the saints, but they were still very far off from the true meaning. I will tell you this when I open My scroll in the last days. (The scroll refers to all of the words that I have spoken, My words in the last days—this is all inside of it.) The fig tree refers to My administrative decrees, and every single one of My administrative decrees, but this is just one part of it. The sprouting of the fig tree refers to Me beginning to work and speak in the flesh, but My administrative decrees had still not been made known (which is because that was before witness to My name has been borne and no one knew My administrative decrees). When My name is witnessed and spread, when it is praised by all people, when My administrative decrees bear fruit, that is the time of the fig tree bearing fruit. This is the full explanation with nothing omitted—it is all revealed. (I say this because in My previous words, there was a portion that I had not yet fully revealed; therefore you needed to patiently wait and seek.)

When I make the firstborn sons complete, I will reveal My full glory, My complete appearance to the universe world in the body, and above all people, in My own person; it will be on My Mount Zion, in My glory, and it will particularly be amidst the clamor of praises, and My enemies will retreat around Me, descending into the bottomless pit, the lake of fire and brimstone. What people today are able to imagine is limited and is not what My will is, which is why I speak to people’s notions and thinking every day. There will be a day (the day of entering into the body) when what I tell will be entirely fitting to you and there will be no resistance at all, and at that time you will no longer have your thoughts, and then I will no longer speak. As you no longer have your own thinking, I will just directly enlighten you—this is the blessing enjoyed by the firstborn sons, and that will be when they reign with Me as kings. Human beings do not believe in things that they can’t imagine, and even if there are some who believe it, it is because of My particular enlightenment. Otherwise no one would believe, and this is something that must be undergone. (Without going through this step, My great power could not be revealed through it, which means that I use My words to rid people of their notions. No one else can do this work, and no one can replace Me. I am the only One who can complete it, however, that is not absolute. I must do this work through mankind.) People feel energized after hearing My words, but in the end they all retreat. They can’t help it. Meanwhile, there are mysteries that people cannot grasp. No one can imagine what will happen and I will allow you to see this in what I reveal. Through that you can see the true meaning of My saying: “I will uproot all those that are not fit for My use.” My firstborn sons have a variety of manifestations and so do My enemies. They will all be revealed to you, one by one. Remember! Anyone aside from the firstborn sons has the work of evil spirits. They are all lackeys of Satan. (They will soon be revealed one by one, but there are some who need to do service until the end, and some who need to do service for a period of time.) Under the work of My words, all will show their true faces.

Every nation, every place, and every denomination are enjoying the riches of My name. This is because the catastrophe is brewing; it is all within My grasp, and I am preparing to gradually pour it down, so people are all urgently seeking the true way, which must be sought even if it means paying the full price. In all things I have My own time. Whenever I say it will be completed, it will be completed then, to the minute, to the second. No one can hinder it or stop it. After all, the great red dragon is My vanquished foe. It is a service-doer for Me, and it does whatever I tell it to without any resistance. It truly is My beast of burden. When My work has been completed, I will cast it into the bottomless pit, into the lake of fire and brimstone (which refers to those who are destroyed). The destroyed will not merely taste death, but they will be severely punished for their persecution of Me. This is work that I will still do through service-doers—I will have Satan slaughter itself and destroy itself, completely obliterating the descendants of the great red dragon. This is one part of My work, and after that, I will turn toward the Gentile nations. These are the steps of My work.

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