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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 71

I have made manifest all of Me to you, yet why can you not ponder My words with all your heart and soul? Why do you take My words as rubbish? Is what I say incorrect? Have My words hit you in a vital part? Continually delaying, continually hesitating, why do you act this way? Have I not spoken clearly? I have said so many times that My words should be pondered carefully, and should be paid close attention to. Are any of you obedient and submissive children? Have I spoken in vain? Is there no result at all? How much of what is within you can conform with My will? If for a moment you are not reprimanded, you become dissolute and uncontrolled. If I do not state clearly how to act, or how to speak, could it be that you have no idea in your heart? I tell you! The one who suffers loss is the one who is disobedient, who does not submit, who foolishly believes! If one does not pay attention to what I say, if they cannot grasp the details, then they will not be able to fathom My intentions, and will not be able to serve Me. This kind of person will be dealt with by Me, and will meet My judgment. To not apprehend the details is to be extremely audacious and willfully rash. I therefore hate this kind of person, and am not easy on them, giving them no mercy but all majesty and judgment; see if you still dare to deceive Me. I am God who examines the innermost heart of man. This point should be clear to everyone; otherwise, they will go about their work in a casual way humbugging Me. This is the reason why some people unknowingly are struck down by Me. I have said that I will not treat anyone unjustly, that I will not do wrong things, that everything I do is according to the wise arrangements of My hand.

My judgment has fallen upon all people who do not truly love Me, at which time it will be clear whom I have predestined and selected, and who are eliminated by Me. These are to be made clear one by one, with nothing hidden. All people, events, and things stand and exist to bring My words to fulfillment, and are occupied in making true the words spoken by My mouth. My hand controls the ends of the whole universe. I will strike whoever dares to disobey My words, or to not enact My deeds. Thus that person will sink to Hades and not survive. All of My words are fitting and proper without any impurity. Is your speaking able to resemble Mine? It is all long-winded, you do not make sense and don’t explain clearly, and still you think you’ve gained some things, that you’ve almost got it. I tell you! The more self-satisfied a person is, the farther they are from My standards. They do not show consideration for My will, and they cheat Me and dishonor My name most severely! Shameless! You do not take a look at your own stature. How foolish and ignorant you are!

My words point things out all the time and in all areas. Can it be that you still don’t understand, and are still not clear? Do you mean to disappoint Me? Pick up your spirits, and drum up your courage. I do not treat shabbily anyone who loves Me. I examine the innermost heart of man, and I know all of what is in the heart of everyone. All these will be made obvious one by one, and all will undergo My examination. Never will I overlook anyone who truly loves Me. They are all recipients of blessings; they are the group of firstborn sons whom I have predestined to be kings. As for those who do not truly love Me, they are the targets of their own ruses, and are the receivers of misfortune, and it is also predestined by Me. Don’t worry. I will reveal them one by one. I have prepared this work well in advance, and I have started to do this work. It is all orderly, not at all chaotic. I have already decided who is chosen and who is eliminated. One by one they will be revealed for you to see. During these times you will see what My hand is doing, all people will see that My righteousness and My majesty allow no offense or resistance by anyone, and that anyone who offends will be punished severely.

I am the One who constantly searches the innermost heart of everyone. Do not see Me only from the outside. Blind men! You don’t listen to the words I have clearly spoken, and you simply do not believe Me, who is the complete God Himself. I will certainly not tolerate anyone who dares to practice trickery or conceal anything from Me.

Do you remember all that I have said? “Seeing Me is the same as seeing every single hidden mystery from everlasting to everlasting.” Have you carefully pondered this statement? I am God. My mysteries have been displayed for you. Have you not seen them? Why do you not pay attention to Me? And why do you so worship the vague God that is in your mind? How could I—the one true God—do anything wrong? See this clearly! Be certain of it! My every word and action, My every act and every move, My smiling, My eating, and My clothing, My everything is done by God Himself. You judge Me; could it be that you already saw God before My arrival? So why do you always compare Me with your God in your heart? It is all the notions of humans! My actions and behaviors do not conform to your imaginations, do they? I do not allow any person to opine whether or not My actions and behaviors are right. I am the one true God. This is the unalterable, absolutely correct truth! Don’t be tricked by your own ruses. My words have said it in complete clarity. There is not a speck of humanity in Me, and all of Me is God Himself, fully made manifest to you, with nothing hidden!

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