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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 79

Blind! Ignorant! A heap of worthless trash! You separate My normal humanity from My complete divinity! Don’t you think this is a sin against Me? And what’s more it is something that is hard to forgive! The practical God comes among you today but you only know the one side of Me that is My normal humanity, and have not seen at all the side of Me that is completely divine. Do you think I don’t know who tries to cheat Me behind My back? I do not criticize you now, only watching what level you can get to and what your final end will be. My words have been spoken in the thousands and you have done many bad things. Why do you repeatedly try to cheat Me? Beware of losing your life! If you provoke My anger to a certain level then I will show you no mercy and will kick you out. I will not look at how you were before, whether you were loyal or zealous, how much you have run around, how much you have expended for Me—I will not look at these things at all. You need only to provoke Me now and I will cast you into the bottomless pit. Who still dare try to cheat Me? Remember this! From now on when I get angry, regardless of who it is with, I will purge you immediately so that there will be no future trouble and so that I don’t have to see you again. If you defy Me I will instantly chastise you—will you remember this? Those who are smart shall repent at once.

Today, that is now, I am wrathful. You should all be loyal to Me, and offer up your whole being to Me. There can be no more delays. If you don’t heed My words I shall stretch forth My hand and strike you down. From this I shall make everyone know Me, and today I am wrathful and majestic to all (this is more severe than My judgment). I have spoken so many words but you have not reacted at all; are you really so dull-witted? I don’t think you are, are you? It is the old devil inside you that is up to mischief—do you see this clearly? Make haste to bring about a radical change! Today, the work of the Holy Spirit has progressed to this stage—have you not seen it? My name will spread from house to house in all nations and in all directions and will be shouted from the mouths of adults and children alike throughout the universe world; this is an absolute truth. I am the unique God Himself, even more I am the one and only person of God, and I, the entirety of the flesh, am even more so the complete manifestation of God. Whosoever dares not revere Me, whosoever dares show defiance in their eyes, whosoever dares speak words of defiance against Me will surely die from My curses and wrath (there will be cursing because of My wrath). And whosoever dares not be loyal or filial to Me, whosoever dares try to trick Me will surely die in My hatred. My righteousness, majesty and judgment will endure forever and ever. At first, I was loving and merciful, but this is not the disposition of My complete divinity; righteousness, majesty and judgment are just the disposition of Me—the complete God Himself. During the Age of Grace I was loving and merciful. Because of the work I had to finish I had lovingkindness and mercy, but afterward there was no need for any lovingkindness or mercy (there has been none since then). It is all righteousness, majesty and judgment and this is the complete disposition of My normal humanity coupled with My complete divinity.

Those who don’t know Me will perish in the bottomless pit and those who are certain about Me will live forever, to be cared for and protected within My love. I speak one word and the entire universe trembles from one end to the other—who can hear My words and not tremble in fear? Who cannot develop a heart that reveres Me? Who cannot know My righteousness and majesty from My deeds! And who cannot see My almightiness and wisdom within My deeds! Whosoever does not take care will surely die. This is because those who do not take care are those who defy Me, who don’t know Me, and they are the archangel, the most savage. Check yourselves—whoever is savage, self-right, arrogant and self-conceited is certainly an object of My hatred and will perish!

I now pronounce the administrative decrees of My kingdom: All things are within My judgment, all things are within My righteousness, all things are within My majesty, and righteousness is practiced to all. Those who say they believe in Me but who contradict Me in their hearts, or whose hearts have abandoned Me will be kicked out, but all in My own good time. Those who speak sarcastically about Me, but in a way that people don’t notice, will die immediately (they will die in spirit, body and soul). For those who oppress or cold-shoulder those I love, My wrath will judge them immediately. This is to say that those who have a jealous heart toward those I love and think I am not righteous will be handed over to those I love to judge. All who are well-behaved, simple and honest (including those who lack wisdom) and who are single-mindedly sincere toward Me will all remain in My kingdom. Those who have not been through training, meaning those honest people who lack wisdom and insight, will have power in My kingdom. Yet they have also been through dealing and breaking. That they have not been through training is not absolute, but rather through these things I will show everyone My almightiness and My wisdom. I will kick out those who still doubt Me now, I want not one of them (I detest those who still doubt Me at such a time as this). By the deeds I do throughout the entire universe, I will show honest people the wondrousness of My actions, thereupon growing their wisdom, insight and discernment, and I will cause deceitful people to be destroyed in a moment because of My wondrous deeds. All the firstborn sons who were first to accept My name (meaning those holy and unblemished, honest people) will be the first to enter into the kingdom and rule all nations and all peoples together with Me, reign as kings in the kingdom and together judge all nations and all peoples (meaning all the firstborn sons in the kingdom, and no others). Those among all nations and all peoples who have been judged and have repented will enter into My kingdom and become My people, and those who are stubborn and unrepentant will be cast into the bottomless pit (to perish forever). The judgment in the kingdom will be the last time and it will be My thorough cleansing of the world. There will then no longer be any injustice, any grief, any tears, any sighs and even more so there will be no world. All will be the manifestation of Christ, all will be the kingdom of Christ. Such glory! Such glory!

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