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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 73

My words are fulfilled immediately when spoken; they never change and are completely correct. Remember this! Every word and phrase from My mouth must be carefully considered. Be extra careful, lest you suffer loss and receive only My judgment, My wrath, My burning. My work is now moving very quickly, but it is not unrefined and is delicate to a certain extent—nearly invisible to the naked eye and cannot be touched by man’s hands. It is especially delicate. My words are never empty and all true. You should believe that every word is true and accurate. Don’t be careless; this is the key moment! Blessing or misfortune lies in this moment. The difference is like heaven and earth. Whether you go to heaven or Hades is completely in My control. Those going to Hades are engaging in their last dying struggle, while those going to heaven are doing their final bit of suffering and their final expending for Me, and everything they do in the future is to enjoy and praise, without all the trivial things that trouble people (marriage, work, annoying wealth, status, and so forth). But for those going to Hades, their suffering is forever (this refers to their spirit, soul, and body), never to escape from My hand of punishment. These two sides are incompatible like fire and water. There is no entanglement: Those who suffer misfortune will keep suffering misfortune, while those blessed will enjoy to their hearts’ content.

All events and things are controlled by Me, not to mention that you—My sons, My beloved—belong to Me even more. You are the crystallization of My 6,000-year management plan, My treasures. All those I love are pleasing to My eyes, because they manifest Me; all those I hate I despise without even looking, because they are Satan’s descendants and belong to Satan. Today, everyone should examine themselves: If your intentions are right and you genuinely love Me, then you will surely be loved by Me. You must truly love Me and must not deceive Me! I am the God who examines people’s innermost hearts! If your intentions are wrong and you are cold and disloyal toward Me, then you are sure to be loathed by Me and you were not chosen or preordained by Me. You just wait to go to hell! Other people might not be able to see these things, but only you and I—the God who looks deep into people’s hearts—know them. They shall be revealed at a certain time. The sincere do not need to be anxious and the insincere need not be afraid. It is all part of My wise plan.

The task is urgent and onerous, and needs you to expend for Me one last time to complete this final work. My requirements are not high: I only need you to be able to coordinate with Me very well, satisfy Me in everything, follow My guidance inside you. Don’t be blind; have a goal, and feel out My intentions from all aspects and in everything. This is because I am no longer a hidden God to you. You must be very clear about this in order to understand My intentions. In a very short period of time, you will not only meet with foreigners who seek the true way, what is even more important is that you should have the ability to shepherd them. That is My urgent intention. It won’t do if you cannot see this. However, you must believe in My omnipotence. As long as people are right, I will surely train them into good soldiers. Everything has been appropriately arranged by Me. You must aspire to suffer for Me. This is the key moment. Do not miss it! I won’t remember things from your past. You must pray and plead before Me often; I will bestow sufficient grace upon you for your enjoyment and use. Grace and blessings are not the same. What you are enjoying now is My grace and is not worthy of mention in My eyes, while blessings are what you shall enjoy infinitely in the future. They are blessings that people have not thought of and cannot imagine. I say you are blessed for this reason—it is blessing man has not enjoyed since creation.

I have already revealed My all to you. I only hope that you can be considerate toward My heart, think for My sake in everything, and be considerate toward Me in everything, so that what I always see are your smiling faces. From now on, those who gain the status of firstborn son are people who shall reign as kings alongside Me. They shall not be bullied by any brother, nor shall they be chastened or dealt with by Me, because My principle of doing things is: Those in the group of firstborn sons are people looked down upon and bullied by others and have suffered all the vicissitudes of life. (They have been dealt with and broken by Me in advance, and have been made complete in advance.) These people have already enjoyed with Me the blessings they ought to receive in advance. I am righteous and never partial to anyone.

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