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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 3

The triumphant King sits upon His glorious throne. He has accomplished redemption and led all His people to appear in glory. He holds the universe in His hands and with His divine wisdom and might He has built and made firm Zion. With His majesty He judges the evil world; He judges all nations and all peoples, the earth and seas and all the living things in them, as well as those who are drunk on the wine of promiscuity. God shall surely judge them, and He shall surely be angry with them and therein God’s majesty shall be revealed. Such judgment shall be instantaneous and delivered without delay. The fire of God’s wrath shall incinerate their heinous crimes and calamity shall befall them anytime; they shall know no avenue of escape and have no place to hide, they shall weep and gnash their teeth, and they shall bring destruction upon themselves.

The triumphant beloved sons of God will surely stay in Zion, never to leave it. The multitudes shall listen closely to His voice, they will carefully heed His actions, and their voices of praise for Him shall never cease. The one true God has appeared! We shall be certain about Him in spirit and follow Him closely and do our best to rush forward without hesitation. The end of the world is unfolding before us; a proper life of the church as well as the people, affairs, and things that surround us intensify our training. Take back our hearts that so love the world! Take back our vision so obscured! We shall tread no further lest we exceed the boundaries and we shall hold our tongues so that we may live by God’s word, and no longer shall we wrangle over our own gains and losses. Renounce your fondness for the secular world and the wealth! Free yourself from the attachment to your husband and your daughters and sons! Renounce your views and prejudices! Wake up, for time is short! Let your spirit look up, look up and let God take control. Do not let yourself become like Lot’s wife. It is so pitiful to be cast aside! How pitiful indeed! Wake up!

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